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Post Time!

Room 307 isn’t quite as crowded as before — except we have the wire services and AJC photo journalists here.  Channel 2 has a crew and that is about all for the media.

A new substitute is out so the current link is not good.More...

Feb 28 2006

SB 529

Senate Public Safety Hearing

Kemp: There was going to be a public hearing on SB 570 – they will wait as Sen. Carter has another education meeting to attend.

SB 529. 

Let me briefly say – appreciate hard work of committee, time, folks that presented, for and against – helped us perfect the legislation.  Appreciated Sen. Rogers work on the bill and Sen. Zamarrippa…

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Back to immigration

The committee is meeting at 3:30 today to pass SB 529 out.  The only question is what amendments will be placed on the bill.  Stay tuned

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and the rest of the story

Flora Tommy

I was sent here to give testimony for problems that need to be addressed from neighborhood concerns. Part of the problems we have had:

  • Crime Wave that has come along
  • We have trailer park that is center of drug and prostitution
  • We have numerous health concerns in the trailer park.
  • We have issues of safe housing that no one is talking about
  • A large gang operates out of that facility
  • The policy picked up 50 plus automatic weapons
  • And issues of child prostitution in undocumented population
  • We get labeled racist for saying that their housing is not safe for children Continue reading

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More Miscellaneous

Dr. Timothy Holtz

Internal Medicine physician. On staff for human rights at Emory. I thank you for the amendment as stated.

One of the core functions of public health is to survey for diseases. This surveillance relies heavily on ER visits. When people are deterred from ER visits – this hurts our surveillance – Continue reading

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Georgia Hospital Association wants carve out

Earl Rogers

Georgia Hospital Association

I am not here to oppose the intent of the bill. I do think Rogers for the extremely hard work on the bill. All of the stakeholders have done a lot of work on the bill.

Rogers listened and listened well after 170 and he has come with SB 529.

I am here to ask you consider carving out the healthcare references. If the end line is to discourage folks from coming here illegally – that is good. If we create a climate of fear – it drives folks to the expensive emergency room. And federal law requires us to see whomever comes through that door. And that is what we are concerned about. Continue reading

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Miscellaneous testimony

Kemp: Gretchens Klausen?

Second year student at Emory law school – want to speak in favor of Roger’s amendment. This clarifies, with clearly worded and easy to understand statement, clarifies what doctors’ responsibilities are. Continue reading

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D.A. King appears

D.A. King (strong supporter of this bill as per his columns in Marietta Daily Journal)

I was here last week – but time ran out before I could speak.

Just listening to the two people just here – I will adjust. Continue reading

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Social Worker concerns

Susan M? – clinical social worker in Gwinnett County – am concerned about limited access to health care. The ER crisis is impacted by 25 million without insurance. Add the immigrants and you have a catastrophic scenario. Continue reading

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Doctors for SB 529

Dr. Geraldine Wade:

20 year licensed physician. Talking of impact of illegals on health care system. I represent the views of many of my colleagues. My background – graduate Emory Med. Internal Med and Pediatrics. Medical officer for CDC. Am concerned as citizen and physician. Continue reading

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Rogers attempts to clarify the record

Senator Rogers will start today.

Rogers: Issue of healthcare has been raised. Just met with Janice … and Linda Lowe – whose concerns that the bill ( does not deny healthcare – only verifies id per federal law). Rogers has agreed to add amendment that it is the duty of state government to protect public health.

I am struck by testimony and news media reports about continuous reports that this bill denies health care. It does not. It merely requires providers to follow federal law. Rogers reminds of time when state required submission of birth certificates to receive benefits for child’s health – and no one complained.

SB 529 simply sets forth eligibility verification and how it will be maintained.

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