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Dr. Timothy Holtz

Internal Medicine physician. On staff for human rights at Emory. I thank you for the amendment as stated.

One of the core functions of public health is to survey for diseases. This surveillance relies heavily on ER visits. When people are deterred from ER visits – this hurts our surveillance –

My second point revolves around seeking incentives for medical care. Positive incentives work best in health care.

Lastly – Herman Biggs, Commissioner of Public Health, NYC – hundred years ago. Public Health is a purchasable commodity. The public can determine its own death rate.

Tolleson: Do you look at this bill from preventing anyone from paying for service?

Holtz: As pointed out, most of these people are on lower end of paying scale – this would not encourage them to pay for such. It could make it probibitive… for example imposing user fees on preventative care prevents them from taking advantage of it.

Tolleson: What do you see as the answer? Do we leave the floodgate open? How do we draw the line – cause everyone can’t pour into America looking at free healthcare, etc.

Holtz: I am frustrated with free healthcare where it costs 15% of our GDP. I’m not here to comment on bigger issues of illegal immigration. But bringing healthcare into the debate is productive.

Tolleson: Canadian healthcare is not free

Holtz: It is not free here in the US either… even uninsured get bills.

John ???

I want to support Sb 529. I don’t want to go to Kennestone and see aliens get free healthcare after I pay $4000 per month for my employees healthcare.

We wouldn’t be having this conversation if the feds enforced the law.

Don’t do what the feds have done. They can’t enforce their own laws.

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