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Flora Tommy

I was sent here to give testimony for problems that need to be addressed from neighborhood concerns. Part of the problems we have had:

  • Crime Wave that has come along
  • We have trailer park that is center of drug and prostitution
  • We have numerous health concerns in the trailer park.
  • We have issues of safe housing that no one is talking about
  • A large gang operates out of that facility
  • The policy picked up 50 plus automatic weapons
  • And issues of child prostitution in undocumented population
  • We get labeled racist for saying that their housing is not safe for children

Everyone is profiting from this… Even Hispanics are complaining that they can’t make a decent living at current wages. So someone is profiting – and leaving us with no one to talk to. So some of our neighbors have become vigilantes.

Tolleson: The trailer park you are talking about – is it on government property?

Tommy: Backside of property is GDOT property.

Tolleson: You say trailer park is having sewage problem?

Tommy: Fulton County took lead after city would not help us.

Kemp: Let’s move on – we are off track here. We have 15 mins left.

Frank Figaro – Liason for Latin American affairs for Dekalb Policy Dept

19 year vet with DeKalb and involved with Latino community. I am deeply concerned about SB 529 as it undermines public safety which it tries to address but fails to do so as it failed to attract feedback from law enforcement officials.

Bill is unfunded mandate

Law Enforcement Agencies required to hold illegals will create serious overflow of jails.

We need to look back at recent history – Miami – 23 years ago. 125,000 cubans arrived. Feds had to mobilize bases. Create demand prison camps. That process called for 125,000 cubans to be processed and released.

We have hundreds of thousands in this state from Caribean, Africa, Central America that are undocumented in this state. This bill calls for extended detention and deportation – how long will this process be.

Have the authors considered the consequences. Will we have to release criminals?

Kemp: I think we will ask the questions if you can get on to your points.

Figaro – we have learned that it is better to work with communities rather than to alienate. This will hurt our fragile relationship with these communities. We lack necessary tools to carry out this mandate.

I ask this panel to consider my concerns and vote against this bill. Should address immigration issue at federal level and not have local law enforcement carry out unfunded directions.

Sen. Rogers: With all due respect some of what you said does not match with the bill. The law says once person is booked – jailer verifies legality or existence of deportation order and has maximum of 48 hour holding period for those waiting processing.

Figaro: We already have authority to run that check without arresting them.

Miles; Do you think this bill will deter illegal immigrants from coming

Figaro: No m’m

Roy Bowen

Georgia Mfg Assoc

Thank you for dealing with this issue in such a responsible way. This is what the public expects in developing sound policy. Author has listened to wide variety of views in constructing this bill.

As to merits – from employment perspective – it does provide measured and responsible response to concerns.

The bill is not burdensome to employers.

Rev. Wendell Phillips

One of primary concerns is how we respond in public arena to society’s most vulnerable. Let me join with others expressing gratitude with Rogers in his openness with changes involved. Also sensitive to unscrupulous traffickers.

I am here today respectively to ask you not to stop there to consider a number of items to strengthen the legislation to make the bill more compassionate.

Sen. Zamarippa has introduced a number of amendments. I know you have them, but want to emphasize one. Amendment that has to do with providing healthy education environment for post secondary education.

Mr. Rogers mentioned a bill that Sen. Rogers did withdraw (170). He also withdrew Sb 171 which would deny post secondary education. But that language appears in another form in 529… which has to do with institutions in Georgia getting affidavit for students to say they are indeed residents of Georgia.

Mark Woodall

Assoc. Gen Contractors

I echo prior two speakers about process. We had great concern of Sen. Rogers initial bills.

We didn’t have neutral sign up sheet. We have moved from opposition to neutral. We want to make sure PILOT program is prospective, not retroactive. Do not want to be held responsible for fraudulent info.

Sister Martin

I work in Athens in outreach center for immigrants. Am concerned about SB 529. I am here because day in and day out I hear cry of poor. Those that do not have use of USA documentation – they risk their lives in crossing the border because there are not adequate provisions for them to enter country. They come hoping to move from hopeless poverty to hopeful poverty – wishing to be able to provide for their families with hard work – and in process become victims of fraud, discrimination and social injustice

Leviticus 19:13 – When an alien resides with you in your land, do not molest him. You shall treat alien who resides with you as natives born among you. For you once were aliens in land of Egypt.

Maggie Garrett


Speaking to section requiring jailers to verify status. This is to more about questions left open. We think that section is unnecessary. Checking illegal status is not necessary as police can already do that.

Second – -how will this will affect victims of crime. Particularly domestic violence. Undocumented fear being deported more than reporting crime against them

Would ask that clarification be put in bill

Third: concerns on racial profiling. This would have hirer standard – so we need affirmative steps – in this bill we wish standards to be same.

Sen. Rogers: By law we are already required to verify citizenship.

Joe Robb

St. Josephs

Seems to be misperception that aliens scam system. 80% of Buford clinic are aliens. Almost half of the revenue are aliens paying for their services. And these are preventative care services. Our fear is that this bill sends clear message that they are not wanted and forces them underground, seeking care only in emergency room.

St. Joseph’s opposes

Kemp: If they are paying and not getting state services, then you don’t have to verify their eligibility.

Robb: I understand – but this bill will scare them away.

Sen. Rogers: I am passing letter from constituent whose son was killed by an illegal. That is why I did all this

Kemp: I want to thank everyone for coming.

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