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Post Time!

Room 307 isn’t quite as crowded as before — except we have the wire services and AJC photo journalists here.  Channel 2 has a crew and that is about all for the media.

A new substitute is out so the current link is not good.More...

Feb 28 2006

SB 529

Senate Public Safety Hearing

Kemp: There was going to be a public hearing on SB 570 – they will wait as Sen. Carter has another education meeting to attend.

SB 529. 

Let me briefly say – appreciate hard work of committee, time, folks that presented, for and against – helped us perfect the legislation.  Appreciated Sen. Rogers work on the bill and Sen. Zamarrippa…

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The committee is meeting at 3:30 today to pass SB 529 out.  The only question is what amendments will be placed on the bill.  Stay tuned

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