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Feb 28 2006

SB 529

Senate Public Safety Hearing

Kemp: There was going to be a public hearing on SB 570 – they will wait as Sen. Carter has another education meeting to attend.

SB 529. 

Let me briefly say – appreciate hard work of committee, time, folks that presented, for and against – helped us perfect the legislation.  Appreciated Sen. Rogers work on the bill and Sen. Zamarrippa…

Sen. Rogers will present his substitute:

No comments from the public today

Sen. Rogers:  Thank you to the committee members for their patience on this important bill.  I will make my comments brieft.  I won’t go through every section

LC 18 5412S is the version being review. (This version is not currently on the web).

Changes definition on “newly hired employees?  as the Pilot Program already requires only newly hired (not reto)

Page 5 – working with law enforcement – line 21 – provision narrows to any person confined on felony charge.  Line 29 – verification shall be made in 48 hours…  I would like Sen. Zamarripa to join me for section 6… (Mexican Notares which Sen. Z explained last week (see earlier blog notes)). 

Sen. Zamarripa:  The Notario provision creates framework within Sec of State office for anyone who represents they officially represent someone’s immigration status.  The word Notario in latin America demarks someone with legal status.  These people operate here provide documentation services with hefty fees – yet they are not authorized under federal law to do that.  The provision that we have added increases the penalty structure – requires anyone providing such services to clearly note they have no such authority and to allow Sec State to license such operators.  The Bar Association agrees that language is satisfactory.

Rogers:  There is a section not in substitute – I met with 4 consulates from Latin America… and one of the problems in Section 5 – the US under Vienna convention (1967) there is a convention required to notify consulates of arrests of a foreign national.

Page 11 – Line 14 – subsection 2 all the way down to 7, all is brand new – but is already federal law – but is in response to groups that we be specific as to what is allowed under federal law.  This makes it very clear what is allowed and what isn’t

That’s really all the changes that we have made since last.  I am offering amendments for technical changes and one which will not prosecute someone for signing any affidavits that fed law don’t require them to sign.

Kemp:  Is the little healthcare paragraph in there now?

Rogers:  yes.

Kemp:  Do you want to go over these amendments…

Sen. Seay:  We were talking about communicable diseases coming from illegals – are immunizations given in these countries?

Sen. Rogers : You can be immunized here without verifying citizenship.  I don’t know about other country’s policies  If we secured our borders we would know what diseases are coming in.

Sen. Kemp:  We will pass these amendments as a whole substitute.

Page 2 – added word physical after contract…. We are talking about services in this state – not services outsourced…

Page 4 Line 7 – we have replaced words sex act with more appropriate term… (explicit statutory reference)

Page 4 Line 8 – remove word act and replace with word conduct

Page 4 Line 9 – more words

Page 4 Line 12

Page 5 Line 7 after offense – and shall not burden other offenses – (separate for purposes of prosecution)

Page 7 line 16 after word “public? – “commissioned in state of Georgia?

Page 12 Line 31,32 – new subsection… para (j) – in laymens terms:  if you sign something you didn’t have to sign we won’t hold you liable …

Those are the technical changes

Sen. Kemp explains to Sen. Tolleson just arriving the status of the bill

Seeing no questions, the chair will entertain a motion

Mullis – Motion to amend sub


All vote in favor

Kemp: Motion on sub as amended

Miles and Butler oppose the sub as amended

Kemp: Thank you for yout time Senator.

(The bill now goes to Senate Rules)

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