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Using clubs to enforce policy on the Net

The Justice Department is spending millions on a lawsuit in Pennsylvania defending the Children's Online Protection Act.  And, companies that provide Internet access and other web services are spending aggregated millions complying with Justice Department subpoenas for information regarding porn sites on the web. Which causes one of those companies to respond:

"That money could be spent so much more wisely on giving software away to parents that are having these problems," Dan Jude, president of Security Software Systems, said of the litigation costs.

An  unitended consequence of legislation to "protect" us from us.

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Not quite done yet

Well, the session is over — now the clock starts ticking for the Governor to sign all those bills.  Perdue has 45 days to review – and decide whether he signs, vetos, or simply lets the bills become law.

Will have to do a post mortem once the legislative databases are updated for all of last night's activities.  I am off to Savannah to have lunch with Tom Friedman and a couple of hundred of our mutual friends.

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Tags, we don’t need no stinking tags

The Lt. Gov has just chided the Senate for doing nothing but tag bills this am.

With all the important stuff on the table, worrying about a prestige license plate somehow seems beneath the purpose of this body

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Actually, today is a a cross between Christmas and a funeral.

Some are in mourning – others in giddy expectation of presets to be unwrapped

Right now, Senators are attempting to amend a license plate bill that will let Equine Research be funded

Seems there are other license plates that need creating — or amending as well.

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So you watch

Today is a day for watching

You watch for who talks to whom

For example, the young ladies working for the Georgia Family Council are surrounding the House Rules Chairman so your wonder what bill may get added later when another supplemental calendar is set.  And you wonder is it SB 425 (email) or SB 596?

You watch for members who have not succeeded in getting their key legislation passed

And you watch for what time The General Assembly may adjourn

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Two more

bills made it

SB 547

SB 382

Rules will add more later Continue reading

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Last Chance for that Last Dance…

House Rules will meet at 9:00 am to put a list of bills together for the House to consider today.  Lot's of survivors like SB 425 — The Email Tax (also known by its title The Georgia Family, Chidren and Schools Communication Protection Act) and SB 596 – Delivering the Cure; Newborn Umbilical Cord Blood Bank Initiative.  Rumors say they will finish before sunset today.

If the day stretches out — and it may be after lunch before the budget is placed on the legislators' desks — the dead and undead will have many opportunities to torment their slayers…

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Newsflash!!! Lobbyists write legislation!

The AJC continues their superior and, non-pulitzer prize winning, quality reporting of the Georgia General Assembly with the following story:

Legislature 2006: Lobbyists craft much legislation

And it took 2 reporters to provde that insight…

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Day 40 – Day of Reckoning (or as they say in South Ga – recknin)

The Constitution of the State of Georgia says:

The General Assembly shall meet in regular session on the second Monday in January of each year, or otherwise as provided by law, and may continue in session for a period of no longer than 40 days in the aggregate each year.

This hold over from the days when most legislators were farmers is held out as the lone hope of those who fear what actions this body of representatives may take.  Well, today is it, #40 — you can't go past midnight, cannot go past go, you must stop.

But, in Days 40 of past years, lots does happen.  Stay tuned.

For a warm up, here are some MSP (Main Stream Press) items on Day 40

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Down the rabbit hole

The White Rabbit, one of my favorite characters from Alice in Wonderland, cautioned Alice on not believing what she saw – "Things are not always as they seem," says the Rabbit.

Well, word in the hall Under the Dome is that the "battle", as described by Brandon Larrabee of Morris News, was all a ruse, contrived to evoke memories of "Miller vs. Murphy" thus institutionalizing the new GOP powerhouse in the memories of voters.

Associate Press, AJC, Morris – they all fell for it.  Everyone in the press bought the ruse, accept for Dick Pettys of Insider Advantage. Can't point you to the article though — it is subscription only.

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