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SB 425 – Email Tax

Is going to be heard in Room 133 of the Capitol shortly. The Christian Coalition is making a strong push to get the bill moving again.
Records and documents from the service aren’t subject to open records… cute , you can’t audit  the services  to see if they are doing what they are supposed to do.

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Immigration bill gets lots of hits today

There are a number of individuals outside the Capitol today, protesting SB 529, the immigration bill which passed yesterday.  A story on the AP newswire indicates leadership’s desire to avoid the public opposed to the bill drove the decision to hurry the bill to a vote yesterday.

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Some bills just won’t die

We have maybe two days left in this legislative session. Some bills that have struggled to survive are begining to find new life.

SB 596 – A bill that started out banning cloning, now currently names an already existent blood bank. A definition change was made in committee and the bill may be available for floor action in the House on Monday. The bill will then need to go back to the Senate to accept or reject the definitional change. If they reject — I would expect a conference committee to take the bill and then — all bets are off as to what the final product will be.

SB 541 – Will be heard by the Judiciary Committee upon adjournment today. The author is pressing on despite being told by businesses that the law is pre-empted by federal law. The bill will make sending materials to minors, which the minors by law cannot possess, a felony.

SB 425 – E-mail tax — The Author, Sen. Greg Goggans, a dentist, claims this bill protects family, children and schools from internet predators. But, the hearings failed to call upon experts to testify as to the validity of that claim. What the bill does is require you, as a business person, to pay a “vendor” to check your list against a “do not mail” list once every month, and to charge you $10 per thousand names to do so. Now, there is no provision to advertise the existence of the list, no provision to tell business owners that should they send a minor, or anyone else, mail they do not wish to recieve, you would be guilty of a felony.

Just a few minutes ago, the bill was moved from Judiciary to the House Public Utilities Committee. That committee is chaired by Jeff Lewis, who co-chaired the committee that wrote SB 120, which “deregulated” the Internet. I guess now he wants a chance to “regulate” the Internet.

Of course, if you pass SB 541, there is no need for SB 425.

So, why would you want to use technology in Georgia — if all you do is increase your risk of law suits or jail time?

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Creativity + Knowledge = Global Success

That is the formula found in Friedman’s column today.

My guess is that we’re at the start of a global convergence in education: China and India will try to inspire more creativity in their students. America will get more rigorous in math and science. And this convergence will be a great spur to global growth and innovation. It’s a win-win. But some will win more than others — and it will be those who get this balance right the fastest, in the most schools.

The last line … that is where the prize is… 

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Digital Scouts for Digital Literacy

Pip Coburn of Coburn Ventures opines in his columen for Always On about the need for “being prepared” to handle any contingency in the digital age. 

 This is the Digital World and I am not a Native. I am in little position to “prepare” my eight-year-olds, but rather they will soon teach me—I hope.

I’m not sure yet how to effectively organize the Digital Scouts of the Planet, and I am probably too old even for that task, but I do know that if we want to be prepared, we gotta stop rubbing sticks together and start thinking about fixing our BlackBerrys on the fly.

Using kids to teach the adults is not a new idea.  However, systemattically using kids to achieve digital literacy is a new idea. 

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