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Using clubs to enforce policy on the Net

The Justice Department is spending millions on a lawsuit in Pennsylvania defending the Children's Online Protection Act.  And, companies that provide Internet access and other web services are spending aggregated millions complying with Justice Department subpoenas for information regarding porn sites on the web. Which causes one of those companies to respond:

"That money could be spent so much more wisely on giving software away to parents that are having these problems," Dan Jude, president of Security Software Systems, said of the litigation costs.

An  unitended consequence of legislation to "protect" us from us.

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Not quite done yet

Well, the session is over — now the clock starts ticking for the Governor to sign all those bills.  Perdue has 45 days to review – and decide whether he signs, vetos, or simply lets the bills become law.

Will have to do a post mortem once the legislative databases are updated for all of last night's activities.  I am off to Savannah to have lunch with Tom Friedman and a couple of hundred of our mutual friends.

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