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Down the rabbit hole

The White Rabbit, one of my favorite characters from Alice in Wonderland, cautioned Alice on not believing what she saw – "Things are not always as they seem," says the Rabbit.

Well, word in the hall Under the Dome is that the "battle", as described by Brandon Larrabee of Morris News, was all a ruse, contrived to evoke memories of "Miller vs. Murphy" thus institutionalizing the new GOP powerhouse in the memories of voters.

Associate Press, AJC, Morris – they all fell for it.  Everyone in the press bought the ruse, accept for Dick Pettys of Insider Advantage. Can't point you to the article though — it is subscription only.

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Perverting the Knowledge Economy: Patents

A Wall Street Journal column on what's wrong with patents makes this cogent observation:

The Constitution grants Congress the power to protect the rights of patent and copyright holders, but only "for limited times" and to "promote the progress of science and useful arts." It does not, by contrast, grant Congress the power to confer the right to real or personal property "to promote the cultivation of land" or "the accumulation of wealth."

If we don't return to that basis of intellectual property, we'll be nothing but a manufacturing station for Asian companies in very short time.

(If you ask nicely, I will email a copy of the article to you.  Otherwise, you need to purchase access)

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