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Transparency and Sausage Making

Another in a continuing series of questions on governing 

What if you could see every detail, every move of the law making process for any particular topic you care to follow?  Would such transparency improve the procees, increase your disgust for government, or make no difference whatsoever?

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Incentives and 21st Century Companies

All the talk over the incentives given to KIA (See list from AJC) causes me to ponder what different high tech execs have told me are important incentives for them to locate a business:

  • Educated (as in engineeing, computer science) work force
  • Access to good infrastructure (as in multiple sources of connectivity)
  • Atmosphere (as in open, inclusive community with energy driven 24 hour activities)
  • A good library (as in books and numerous hard to find technical journal subscriptions
  • Access to Capital (as in local cash willing to take risk and not expect  immediate dividends)
  • Government that understands the need to avoid passing laws that restrict innovations

There are some others, but these were the most frequently mentioned.  Note that tax incentives, property, highways, rail heads and those other singular capital investments were not required.

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