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Customer vs. Creator

Scoble relates a comment from a blogger who questions Microsoft’s ability to “wrap its head” around the concept of Web 2.0 while it considers its users “customers” not “creators”.

Kaliya, Identity Woman, says that to Microsoft we are just customers. “It seems to me that their language regarding those of us who use their stuff – customers. Individuals who buy stuff most notably not creators.?

So, if you consider every customer a creator who takes your product and service to invent something else — does that change your relationship with that “creator”?

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Healthy, Wealthy and Wise (accessing, understanding information)

A column in Always On points out how the trend in information needs for healthcare, career development, and life will support continuous education.

desotoLifelong learning will be a core fundamental to anybody in business in the future. Continuing education will be part of this, but learning new skills and adapting to a global marketplace in a knowledge-based economy will be critical to survive and thrive.

Michael Moe also says services to provide information and learning will help people feel young.  Could it be this is the Fountain of Youth for which de Soto searched?

Then comes Google offering a finance section to their search services… Now who will launch an education section?google finance A Legislative Section?  Imagine making tracking legislative changes as easy as watching stocks! 

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