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XML-RPC and Data – lots of it

Ok, this is where I get a little geeky.  But, imagine if you will, subscribing to data providers for only data you need to feed into whatever type of analysis you fancy.  As new data appears, your model is appropriately updated.  No searching, no translation — just data as it happens.

See this discussion via John Robb.

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Customer vs. Creator

Scoble relates a comment from a blogger who questions Microsoft’s ability to “wrap its head” around the concept of Web 2.0 while it considers its users “customers” not “creators”.

Kaliya, Identity Woman, says that to Microsoft we are just customers. “It seems to me that their language regarding those of us who use their stuff – customers. Individuals who buy stuff most notably not creators.?

So, if you consider every customer a creator who takes your product and service to invent something else — does that change your relationship with that “creator”?

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New AT&T vs. Old Utilities Commissions

Would you consider it a fair, nay, even an entertaining race for a Model T to challenge an F-22? That is the disadvantage government regulators face as they try to enforce 20th century regs and laws on 21st century organizations using the 19th century model of bureaucracy the agencies employ.

See the LA Times article, As AT&T bulks up, regulators shrink from task for more reading.

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