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Walk faster, pay more

Dana Blankenhorn spots an essay (Sidewalks: Paying by the stroll) by Bob Frankston satirizing efforts by the Bell Companies to charge you for access (by quality of service) to the Internet.  This piece is worth a read.

As a continuation of a theme started by the first post of today — why would you consent to allowing someone else charge you access for infrastructure you paid to have built?

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SB 425 just passed out of Public Utilities

After two subcommittee meetings today (8:30 am and 1:15 pm ) – a drastically changed 425 will undoubtedly make it to a House vote.

More late

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SB 425 – Email Tax

Is going to be heard in Room 133 of the Capitol shortly. The Christian Coalition is making a strong push to get the bill moving again.
Records and documents from the service aren’t subject to open records… cute , you can’t audit  the services  to see if they are doing what they are supposed to do.

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Are information consumers, hmm, forming a group?

Article by Leslie Walker of the Washington Post on concerns over the New AT&T controlling content on the Internet:

EBay said restricted, or “pay for play,” Internet systems will increase costs for all Internet users, and some of the 90 million U.S. eBay users have started asking their legislators for “network neutrality” protections, said Hani Durzy, a spokesman for the San Jose-based company.

90 million eBay customers?  Calling their legislators?  That is more people than voted for President?  Could we be auctioning the next President?

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The Empire Strikes Back

Legend has it that AT&T, when asked to submit a proposal on expanding the early version of the Internet during the 80’s, said “Why would we build our direct competitor?”.  AT&T then spent the next 20 years missing what the consumer wanted, and found itself stripped of its greatest assets, for sale on the auction block.

The new AT&T, bolstered by its acquisition of BellSouth, now stands ready to do to the Internet what the Internet did to it — break it apart, piece by piece until the Internet no longer serves a meaningful purpose to business or consumers.

Read this story in USA Today. AT&T’s intent to charge your internet phone, video and data provider “access fees” directly contradicts testimony by BellSouth personnell supporting SB 120 that they would never segrate Internet services.

SB 120 is in the House Rules committee.  Call Earl Erhart — tell him you don’t appreciate corporate America lying to you.  And, you don’t think destroying the Internet is how you compete in the 21st century.

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