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Perverting the Knowledge Economy: Patents

A Wall Street Journal column on what's wrong with patents makes this cogent observation:

The Constitution grants Congress the power to protect the rights of patent and copyright holders, but only "for limited times" and to "promote the progress of science and useful arts." It does not, by contrast, grant Congress the power to confer the right to real or personal property "to promote the cultivation of land" or "the accumulation of wealth."

If we don't return to that basis of intellectual property, we'll be nothing but a manufacturing station for Asian companies in very short time.

(If you ask nicely, I will email a copy of the article to you.  Otherwise, you need to purchase access)

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SB 425 – Questions being asked

A heated exchange took place between the lobbyist for Unspam and the chair of the subcommittee hearing SB 425.  The conversation can be summed up by stating that the lobbyist accused the chair of being beholden to big business and the pornography industry.

The lobbyist is a member of the Christian Coalition.  SB 425 is a bill being promoted in multiple states across the country.  If you are against the bill, you are for pornographers.  Funny thing, if you limit the bill to controlling access to pornography, which is what the subcommittee chair was attempting to do, then the supporters don't want the bill.  Could it be that the business supporting SB 425 is more interested in increasing profits than protecting children?  That question was precisely the charge the subcommittee chair returned to the lobbyist.

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Oft used phrase

From the AJC article today on the passage of the Bible Bill (BTW — AJC should tell you the bill number so you can read it yourself… it is  SB 79)

 "We cannot live in fear of possible lawsuits every time we pass a piece of legislation." Senate Majority Leader Tommy Williams

That phrase has been repeated in almost word for word fashion in hearings on the Immigration bill, email filtering, regulation of Internet content, etc.

More on this later.  An important essay topic here

But, if newspaper editors feel that "Tailgating" is more important than "good legislation", why bother?

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21st Century Imperatives

Some sage words from Wlawdawsky-Berger (Always On) on why innovation is critical:

Consequently, a business or institution of any kind—whether in government, healthcare, academia or any other area of human endeavor—needs to think about innovation as a principle, a pervasive set of behaviors and skills that underlies every aspect of its operations, its strategy and its relationships. In historically dynamic times like these—the inflection points of really big shifts from one era to another—simply innovating aspects of an organization in one or two areas will not be sufficient. The winners—not just of the current competitive battles, but those who aspire to shape the future of commerce and society—need to reimagine and reinvent a lot more than products, services or even processes. They need to rethink basic business models, management systems, organizational relationships and broader policies.

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SB 425 just passed out of Public Utilities

After two subcommittee meetings today (8:30 am and 1:15 pm ) – a drastically changed 425 will undoubtedly make it to a House vote.

More late

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Level 60 tauren shaman in World of Warcraft

My friend Kevin Howarth at Narcissistic Graffiti has a conversation going regarding a Wired article on gaming and its influences on the skills of the workplace of today (and tomorrow).  Kevin's thesis, a heresy in the formal education sphere, is one that needs exploring as we move into a competitive, global space:

Consider this article from Wired. A year ago, I'd call myself a heretic for saying this, but there may be elements to the World of Warcraft or Second Life that can later be applied to the real world. I sincerely think all people are different in their learning, yet if they learn and later contribute, then is any of their knowledge acquisition to be faulted?

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Deniable clickability (or when the web is not)

And you wonder why newspapers aren't getting their share of readership from the X and Y generations?  Take the AJC's approach to the web — where most real estate is dedicated to ads, a blog is nothing more than a chat board, and hyperlinks are reserved only to their articles (aren't hyperlinks what made the web a "web"?): For example, found on the AJC Metro Index page:

Legislature recap
Below is an update on the status of some key bills before the Georgia General Assembly. To read the legislation online, go to and type in the bill number.

Why can't they just say, click here?

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Self, Responsibility and Open Government

If you are going to make sound decisions regarding your welfare, you need access to information.  So, why does a government that supports increasing self-responsibility on decisions such as education, health and welfare insist on hiding the good data on issues like “offshoring“?

The summary report, titled “Six-Month Assessment of Workforce Globalization in Certain Knowledge-Based Industries,? may contain useful information, believes Ron Hira, an assistant professor of public policy at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, It is “the first and only government study? that could look at all private sector and government data in assembling its research, said Hira.

“I think it’s odd that they would try to cover up the study,? said Hira. “You would think that if we paid for this study we could at least see it.?

Commerce Department officials were not immediately available to comment.

You may find a copy of the 12 page summary at the site for Manufacturing and Technology News which provides a more detailed report (filed in September of 2005) than the Computerworld blub above.  Oh, and here is the 42 slide power point presentation the Technology Administration Analysists composed.

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SB 425 – Email Tax

Is going to be heard in Room 133 of the Capitol shortly. The Christian Coalition is making a strong push to get the bill moving again.
Records and documents from the service aren’t subject to open records… cute , you can’t audit  the services  to see if they are doing what they are supposed to do.

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Immigration bill gets lots of hits today

There are a number of individuals outside the Capitol today, protesting SB 529, the immigration bill which passed yesterday.  A story on the AP newswire indicates leadership’s desire to avoid the public opposed to the bill drove the decision to hurry the bill to a vote yesterday.

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