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And I thought he was talking about TV

John Zogby, in an AJC article, describes political content on the Internet as :

 "There's no regulation. There's no objective standard for truth. There's unlimited ways to get away with just about anything," said John Zogby, a New York state-based political pollster. "It's here to stay, and it's growing by leaps and bounds every election year."

And this environment is different from TV how? Zogby misses key differences between TV and the Internet:

  1. You can filter the Internet
  2. You can talk back to stories on the Internet
  3. You can change the story on the Internet
  4. You are in control on the Internet


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Amen to Brother Blankenhorn

He posts at a scathing criticism on the efforts of Georgia newspapers to use the web.

He is right.  Enuf said.  On to the roast!

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Community News, as you like it

AP says Backfence is buying Bayosphere. 

Susan DeFife, Backfence's chief executive, said that while Gillmor brought the vision, Backfence is able to bring the tools to make it easier for readers to submit items — on local businesses, sports, events and anything else a reader might like to share.

There's a property called in Atlanta, focusing on the political scene, which is demonstrating how big media misses the details needed to draw a picture of the true story.

As an aside, Dan Gillmor is a good writer.  I am glad to hear his dream keeps on living.

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The Grey Lady sets another standard

The New York Times unveiled a new web page design.  Clean, devoid of multiple visual distractions, remembers that this is a news page not an advertising supplement.

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Deniable clickability (or when the web is not)

And you wonder why newspapers aren't getting their share of readership from the X and Y generations?  Take the AJC's approach to the web — where most real estate is dedicated to ads, a blog is nothing more than a chat board, and hyperlinks are reserved only to their articles (aren't hyperlinks what made the web a "web"?): For example, found on the AJC Metro Index page:

Legislature recap
Below is an update on the status of some key bills before the Georgia General Assembly. To read the legislation online, go to and type in the bill number.

Why can't they just say, click here?

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