And I thought he was talking about TV

John Zogby, in an AJC article, describes political content on the Internet as :

 "There's no regulation. There's no objective standard for truth. There's unlimited ways to get away with just about anything," said John Zogby, a New York state-based political pollster. "It's here to stay, and it's growing by leaps and bounds every election year."

And this environment is different from TV how? Zogby misses key differences between TV and the Internet:

  1. You can filter the Internet
  2. You can talk back to stories on the Internet
  3. You can change the story on the Internet
  4. You are in control on the Internet


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2 responses to “And I thought he was talking about TV

  1. Concise and to the point Jim. I love it when political and/or journalistic hacks decry what people can “get away with” on the internet. It may be 90% bullshit but at least it’s democratic bullshit, and the closest to an equal right to reply forum that any media has yet provided.

  2. Amen. Put Zogby in the “don’t get it” category

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