Self, Responsibility and Open Government

If you are going to make sound decisions regarding your welfare, you need access to information.  So, why does a government that supports increasing self-responsibility on decisions such as education, health and welfare insist on hiding the good data on issues like “offshoring“?

The summary report, titled “Six-Month Assessment of Workforce Globalization in Certain Knowledge-Based Industries,? may contain useful information, believes Ron Hira, an assistant professor of public policy at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, It is “the first and only government study? that could look at all private sector and government data in assembling its research, said Hira.

“I think it’s odd that they would try to cover up the study,? said Hira. “You would think that if we paid for this study we could at least see it.?

Commerce Department officials were not immediately available to comment.

You may find a copy of the 12 page summary at the site for Manufacturing and Technology News which provides a more detailed report (filed in September of 2005) than the Computerworld blub above.  Oh, and here is the 42 slide power point presentation the Technology Administration Analysists composed.

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