Georgia Hospital Association wants carve out

Earl Rogers

Georgia Hospital Association

I am not here to oppose the intent of the bill. I do think Rogers for the extremely hard work on the bill. All of the stakeholders have done a lot of work on the bill.

Rogers listened and listened well after 170 and he has come with SB 529.

I am here to ask you consider carving out the healthcare references. If the end line is to discourage folks from coming here illegally – that is good. If we create a climate of fear – it drives folks to the expensive emergency room. And federal law requires us to see whomever comes through that door. And that is what we are concerned about.

Think about carving out healthcare and eliminate that climate of fear.

Tolleson: Do you see the trainwreck coming? Do you feel like our system, the whole medical system is becoming overburdened if we don’t do something. I see, hear normal everyday families that don’t work for large corporate America or the government – and they can’ afford the system, the healthcare system. The everyday family without access to large healthcare plans – because the bill is getting chopped up and sent to everyone – and no one can afford to cover their families. Where are we headed?

Earl Rogers: I agree with you. But these folks are here now. I would like to see SB 529 discourage any more folks from coming… but we have to deal with those that are here now.

Chapman: How do you propose that we stop anymore from coming?

Earl Rogers: I understand. But if SB 529 were to pass, even with healthcare carved out, if I were thinking of coming here illegally – I’d be looking at a state more liberal than we are. If we are going to treat them, I’d rather treat them on the front end where it doesn’t cost much money.

Chapman: But you want to cut healthcare out of the bill

Rogers: this bill doesn’t deny healthcare any where.

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