Miscellaneous testimony

Kemp: Gretchens Klausen?

Second year student at Emory law school – want to speak in favor of Roger’s amendment. This clarifies, with clearly worded and easy to understand statement, clarifies what doctors’ responsibilities are.

It is well known that illegals don’t make much money. And it is partly fears that employers take advantage of this low wage group to avoid costlier wages. But it will push illegals into emergency room aide.

The amendment will make ER’s less crowded.

People say hire American workers – well American workers don’t want to do this hard work (this is the secret no one is discussing).

Kemp: Jeff Herman

I’m here just because I am just another guy. Started a business called the Pine Straw guys. Started this business 8 years ago. We got the business to the point where we could hire a couple of guys… found out a lot of my competitors were using illegal alien labor and thus under bidding my jobs – cutting my business in half.

I can’t afford to buy health care, applying for food stamps, and can’t afford basic groceries… because these landscaping companies are using illegals and killing the little guy.

I definitely support SB 529 because this hurts.

Granted – these aliens take jobs a lot of folks don’t want. But you can’t make money at those tasks. Because I don’t speak Spanish I can’t work a dry wall crew. Even if I could, you only make $14 hour compared to $12 hour 30 years ago.

When I applied for food stamps, I was told that $800 per month was too much to qualify for Medicaid for me and my 3 kids. Yet, an illegal alien can get an emergency Medicaid card today. That is not right.

I want that level playing field Pres. Bush is always talking about. Make everyone obey the law.

I read an article in the Clayton paper by Ed Brock – this is a nation of legal aliens. There are people that wait years to get into this country legally. It is a slap in the face to everyone of them to let illegals into the country. The people who are not here legally need to go – they are killing the lower class that is here.

Kerry Melment – registered nurse – to talk about unintended outcomes – am optimistic to hear about amended language. One of my concerns is that 529 will create climate of fear. And fear will prevent immigrants from accessing health care.

Viruses don’t care about citizenship – they are opportunistic. We have a problem with TB – numbers are going up. We need people to seek care before it becomes epidemic.

Maria Redman

I urge you to vote for SB 529 – I am a legal permanent resident, with a green card (She speaks with a German accent). We chose Cobb County in 1982 for its good education and low crime. This is not the case anymore.

I resent tax money going to pay for services of those that do not pay taxes. Illegal aliens are not immigrants, are breaking the law to come here, which makes them criminals. And those that hire them are criminals as well. Illegal aliens have more rights than citizens.

I had to jump through hoops to come here. Had to have my documents translated to English. Yet illegal aliens don’t even bother to learn English.

I had to bring certificate of health and certificate that I was not a criminal. I obeyed the law to come here. So please vote for 529.

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