D.A. King appears

D.A. King (strong supporter of this bill as per his columns in Marietta Daily Journal)

I was here last week – but time ran out before I could speak.

Just listening to the two people just here – I will adjust.

I am president of Augustin Inman Society – dedicated to educating people as to consequences of illegal immigration. I agree with Susan that people come here to get jobs. No one disagrees that people want to live within the borders of the greatest countries of earth.

We allow 1 million legal immigrants every year. Those not here legally are illegal aliens. This is not a perjorative term, but simply a legal description.

Employers hiring illegal aliens are committing felonies

It is illegal to pay in cash without reporting income

Whatever the motivation of the laborer or the employer – I support SB 529 because it forces the state of Georgia to enforce the law

I don’t think there is anything like cheap labor – it is tax payer subsidize labor.

SB 529 simple says you will enforce federal law. It doesn’t deny medical services.

I believe it is a scheme if state of Georgia does not obey federal law.

Employers, whom I believe responsible for this crisis, have a better chance of being struck by lightning than being forced to obey the immigration law.

SB 529 is the most comprehensive attempt in the country.

We all pay more for healthcare because people with no right to be here pays nothing.

A Mexican official quoted last month: “If this plan passes, we will tell our people not to come to Georgia.?

I believe that to be the object of this legislation.

In 1986 – we had amnesty for 3 million aliens. We have proven that anything that rewards people for coming here illegally does not discourage illegal immigration.

Our legislation here should mirror language and intent of federal law.

Seay: I agree with you. It is illegal for them to be here. It is illegal for the employers to employ them. So, what is your suggestion to deal with the employers.

King: My hope is that you mirror intentions of federal law being ignored. If we punish employers in Georgia, we will take a step forward.

Miles: You say yours is Georgia Based organization – when did it start and what organizations are part of it.

King: I work out my 3rd bedroom in my home and exhausted my savings and borrowed money that we do this. This is people organized with an agenda to

  • Secure borders
  • Law be equally applied
  • English language should be language to bind us all together

Miles: It is an organization of citizens and we abide by rule of law. Would you consider your organization a Patriot or Supremecist?
King: I think I am Patriot. I am confused about the Supremecist question. But one of the weapons the illegal alien lobby uses is language to make us seem unpatriotic or inhuman.

Miles: Finally, in your view, based on your study, what does it purport to do that federal legislation that does not do

King: It does not do as much as federal legislation does – but it attempts to do what the federals have failed to do. You do have the power and duty to secure Georgia and put us in line with Federal law.

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