Social Worker concerns

Susan M? – clinical social worker in Gwinnett County – am concerned about limited access to health care. The ER crisis is impacted by 25 million without insurance. Add the immigrants and you have a catastrophic scenario.

Concerning the triage: If you need urgent care – you will be seen. If you can be put off – you will be sent to a clinic. This Senate bill will worsen the situation.

The comment about 50% fraud – my experience as social worker – in California and here – some of the confusion is cultural – latins carry two surnames for example – making it seem they are being fraudulent.

The children who are undocumented and intermingling with our children – even in their homes – 70% of latino households have mix of documented and undocumented citizens. There was an article this weekend how Westminster students were going to a mall to practice Spanish. This is intermingling

If we don’t treat the minor stuff – then the type of care required later will be much more expensive.

Sen. Mullis: I pay a percentage of my health care … does this bill prevent anyone from purchasing their own health care.

Susan: No – but these folks average 800-1000 dollars per month…. They want to buy health insurance – but can’t afford it

Seay: I hear immigrants come here because they want work. So we are providing jobs – and if we provide jobs, we must provide affordable healthcare…

Susan: Take away jobs, take away schools and they will still come here… they come here for the jobs. They (wives) come here not because they want to… but because their husbands are here.

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