Doctors for SB 529

Dr. Geraldine Wade:

20 year licensed physician. Talking of impact of illegals on health care system. I represent the views of many of my colleagues. My background – graduate Emory Med. Internal Med and Pediatrics. Medical officer for CDC. Am concerned as citizen and physician.

Ever increasing volume of illegals using ER for non-urgent care. A lot of fraud – wrong names and addresses. Not following up in clinics – patient doesn’t follow instructions. Language barrier affects quality of care.

High volumes of non-emergency care is jeapordizing our health care.

Patients deteriorate while non-urgents take turn

ER is high stress – need to focus on real emergency services

This population is placing American population at high risk – low immunization, higher proportion of infectious disease.

Heard testimony that this bill might violate Hippocratic oath. If you know ER – you know physicians don’t deal with admission decisions… you deal with the patient and charts. There is no breach of oath by physician. But we are doing harm if we ignore this problem. Continuing to mingle this high risk population with our health population is not a good idea.

Intermingling of these two populations is irresponsible…

You don’t want your children in school with people that have TB, or other infectious diseases. It is truly mind boggling how the education system allows illegals access to this benefit.

Anyone with a conscience will do the right thing as we do our part in the state to reduce incentives for illegals to come and live here.

Sen. Kemp: Thank you. Can you send away someone from the ER if it is only a common cold.

Wade: When Medicaid was on HMO yes we did do that. I am not sure if someone demands to stay and are not part of plan that what we should do. Unfortunately, illegals see the ER as a way to get med services.

Sen. Seay: You mentioned fraud – and you have practiced 20 years – what percent do you think has been fraud, that you personally know about?

Wade: 50 percent give skewed information. There is a paucity of data. Public Health department does not collect that data.

Wade: We are doing major disservice to American health system for allowing this to continue to go forward.

Seay: I have asked that the anonymous letter be removed because if you can’t sign your name, I don’t want to see it.

Wade: The doctors don’t want to feel an admin backlash.

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