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Immigration – Continued

Today is another “hearing” only day for SB 529. A vote will be taken in tomorrows committee meeting at 3:30 pm. Only one set of TV cameras (WSB) has appeared. and we have a small security contingent of state patrol officers in the back. At least the meeting room is larger than the one used last week.

Chairman Kemp has announced that this meeting will end at 4. He will manage the time and is asking for new information only.

I have moved all the details to the Policy>Immigration category

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Must check News2web

am in a hurry to prepare for meeting

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Reading Assignment

I have been working for the past week and a half on some legislation that will affect stem cell research in Georgia. Below is some reading material, I will comment more later

Stem Cellsstem cells



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Kevin, I am back

My friend Kevin, a talented writer, and even better analytical thinker wondered where my blog went.

It was there,

Now I am here (with the exception of Edublog).  And, I think I know what to write about now… this stuff at work is important.  If you don’t think so — talk to me.

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A Utah Legislator Blogs

Phil Windley of Utah points to a legislator in his state who blogged his entire day yesterday.

Imagine how government would be if the entire legislative process were so transparent.

Perhaps that will be studied as part of my dissertation.

Oh, that reminds me, SB 425 — sponsored by the Christian Coalition and pushed by a company call Unspam, is law in Utah.  Wonder if Phil has any info on the Utah Experience?

Btw, the Christian Coalition says the bill is voluntary.  Well, if you are a business sending mail to Georgians it is not.  Every month you must pay Unspam to check your list for anyone that may have joined the “Do Not Mail Registry” — otherwise – you could be sued and charged with a felony.  So if voluntary means acquiesence at the point of a gun — then it is voluntary.

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Another Busy Day

Hearings in a subcommittee this am for HB 1294 and HB 1305.

HB 1294 – extends a sunset on the law allowing the University System and Technical colleges to carry over fees from one fiscal year to the next.  These are “non-state” funds taken from students to pay for technology, athletics, etc.  Simply good business — otherwise campuses “spend” the funds before June 30 — much of the time on items not needed.

HB 1305 – updates state law concerning where funds budgeted for investment in startups may be invested in the short term…

Then we get to work on SB 562 — more on that later
Oh, and I got accepted to graduate school yesterday… Yeah!

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Hearings Today in Immigration

SB 529 — is going to be heard today.  I will try blogging the notes

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Sheriff Jolley, FAIR and Adjournment

Kemp: Is anyone here from more then one hour away?


Sheriff Jolley:  Representing Ga Sheriff’s Association…. Will explain process as we arrest someone – not academia…


Taken to jail, processed by jailer – asked litany of questions to id who the person is – if not id’d no bond.  We have access to ICE who have language experts to help us interrogate—no problem with language (72 of em)… we can converse.  If they have some id – we still try to verify who they are…  If they practiced — they will make bond.  INS has told us to let the minor crimes go.  7 deadly sins will not make bond.




We hear a lot today on complex issue.  I haven’t heard discussion concering growth of gangs, drug trafficking etc… Can you elaborate?


Sheriff: Easy money for gang activity.  Minority illegals do that.  Gangs are larger problems for cities… but are seeing increase in rural areas.  Drugs are a large problem but not just with illegals


Are gangs mix of illegals and legal –just legal?


Sheriff: I can’ t answer that question


Miles:  Could you tell me what provisions that are different from what you are currently doing… 


Sheriff : Dept of Public Safety would tell me who stays in my jail – who is illegal – INS tells me that , Public Safety doesn’t help me any


Miles:  Does bill provide for any change in process


Sheriff: No – we are doing this already.



Mike from (FAIR) – wanted to focus comments on testimony by MALDEF attorney.  On pre-emption:

  • She is completely wrong.  State has limits set by law/federal constitution… state can’t change status of immigrant… 
  • She failed to mention case in VA where we opposed … we said state admission officers could verify status…


As to Zamarippa’s comments


  • Am concerned about exempting Post Secondary education benefits – there is a parallel federal statute that says you must provide same benefit to every US citizen… (we do that already – non- state tuition wise)   There are conflicts with federal law there


Sheriff’s comments were wrong – requires systematic reporting to central location


We don’t have the hard data to make precise recommendations on policies such as these…Within a year you will have a consistent data base for illegal aliens – understanding what activities they are involved in…



We are gonna adjourn .. may have another public hearing before vote…



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Sen. Zamarippa

here today to consider some amendments…that perhaps a member of the committee can select to propose these amendments if they would


These are friendly amendments…


Kemp:  Before you talk to these amendments… Can you make sure we get amendments 24 hours before we vote?


Zamarippa:  Section 6 – Law enforcement – Under item A – provision kicks in if suspect arrested for one of the 7 deadly sins


This helps with local law enforcement work load


Bulk of my interest has been in section 7 – want to suggest


1)      Item C – Line 11 – Add two provisions – exemptions-

a.       Post Secondary education – cannot punish young men and women for sins of parents.  Can’t deny them their future because their parents brought them here illegally

b.      USC Sections 1611 and 1612 – these are substantive – and I ask that we include that list as part of the bill… there should be no confusion as to what is permissible and not permissible (this amendment will also expose things not spelled out – unless you are aggressive and look up the federal code – such exposure will excite folks who did not realize they would be affected by the bill)

2)      I am going to suggest in section 7 – Rogers has spelled out who has authority to promulgate rules – let’s add a promulgation provision to say who is gonna write the policies…   this is complicated material – we need to clarify for service providers

3)      Inside the promulgation provision – anyone denied services we need to have provision to refer them to someone else (church, etc)

4)      Next piece – a substantive add – one of the serious problems in management of immigration issue is pervasive use of fraudulent docs… makes it difficult for everyone.  REAL ID will probably help resolve…  Some fraudulent work takes place – in immigrant community where there are “notaries’ who take advantage of this community… they put these immigrants on path of committing felonies.  I suggest we address this issue to restrict what these folks can do (uses Spanish form of word “notaries) these folks are not notary publics….

5)      Last amendment – getting ready for federal immigration reform. US Congress has passed resolution relating to reform.  Senate will take up in March…  They will come up with omnibus bill with other provisions for worker permits… which will also give us some money (current bill asks us to do work with no money).  Any future reform will have money associated with it.  Consider Immigration Planning Office to provide source of information to service providers on what the laws are gonna mean…. The Office Of Immingration Information and Planning would help resolve the vagueries…


I will properly codify these in relation to the new substitute…. And will distribute

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Some supporting the bill

Rogers is now bring his folks from INS


They wish to answer questions on Law Enforcement supportment center and determination of citizenship


Robert Barron – Sr Immigration official in Georgia


With regards to who makes determination of citizenship – it is a trained immigration officer on the other end of the SAVE system…


(he exits)


(Ms.Pastor?) Worked 4 years at DFCS on eligibility – Medicaid system terribly abused by those not eligible.  Easier for illegal to abuse the system than a citizen.  As they have no valid SS number…  Citizens are verified and validated.  An illegal applicant – you have to take their word.  Because it is so easy to violate the system – emergency medical assistance case s—85% were illegal…  Same was the case with infants… they automatically have Medicaid for year… 


Very often illegal mother would go to health department (where they verify literally nothing) who takes as long as they want to get application back to DFCS…  


You are on the right track – should verify illegals just as legals

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