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The Stem Cell, Commissions and neo-christians

Seems Harvard Stem Cells are more popular than US approved Cells…  meanwhile, Gov. Perdue’s appointees to the Georgia Cord Blood Commission have been announced.  Impressive list.  California research on stem cells continues to draw big money.

But, if Ralph Reed is elected, he promised in the debate to not allow any stem cell research in Georgia, unless it involves only cord blood cells.  So, Harvard and California can relax.

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A vaccine shortage — how convenient!

AJC article today tells us that there is a shortage of meningitis vaccine.  This “shortage” is pushing the price to $186 per shot.

Three years ago, a big push was made to mandate vaccinations for all freshman to protect against meningitis — this push failed, largely because legislators wondered about requiring freshman to pay $82 for a shot that was only 50% effective for a disease that afflicted less then 1 in 100,000 in very strict circumstances.

However, the PR surrounding the legislative efforts in Georgia and more then 2 dozen states evidently has hit pay dirt for the vaccine manufacturer (yes there is only one – funny how that works) as demand outstrips supply.

Don’t worry, in a couple of years a new plant will be online, and I imagine, a new effort to mandate vaccination.

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Reading Assignment

I have been working for the past week and a half on some legislation that will affect stem cell research in Georgia. Below is some reading material, I will comment more later

Stem Cellsstem cells



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