Sheriff Jolley, FAIR and Adjournment

Kemp: Is anyone here from more then one hour away?


Sheriff Jolley:  Representing Ga Sheriff’s Association…. Will explain process as we arrest someone – not academia…


Taken to jail, processed by jailer – asked litany of questions to id who the person is – if not id’d no bond.  We have access to ICE who have language experts to help us interrogate—no problem with language (72 of em)… we can converse.  If they have some id – we still try to verify who they are…  If they practiced — they will make bond.  INS has told us to let the minor crimes go.  7 deadly sins will not make bond.




We hear a lot today on complex issue.  I haven’t heard discussion concering growth of gangs, drug trafficking etc… Can you elaborate?


Sheriff: Easy money for gang activity.  Minority illegals do that.  Gangs are larger problems for cities… but are seeing increase in rural areas.  Drugs are a large problem but not just with illegals


Are gangs mix of illegals and legal –just legal?


Sheriff: I can’ t answer that question


Miles:  Could you tell me what provisions that are different from what you are currently doing… 


Sheriff : Dept of Public Safety would tell me who stays in my jail – who is illegal – INS tells me that , Public Safety doesn’t help me any


Miles:  Does bill provide for any change in process


Sheriff: No – we are doing this already.



Mike from (FAIR) – wanted to focus comments on testimony by MALDEF attorney.  On pre-emption:

  • She is completely wrong.  State has limits set by law/federal constitution… state can’t change status of immigrant… 
  • She failed to mention case in VA where we opposed … we said state admission officers could verify status…


As to Zamarippa’s comments


  • Am concerned about exempting Post Secondary education benefits – there is a parallel federal statute that says you must provide same benefit to every US citizen… (we do that already – non- state tuition wise)   There are conflicts with federal law there


Sheriff’s comments were wrong – requires systematic reporting to central location


We don’t have the hard data to make precise recommendations on policies such as these…Within a year you will have a consistent data base for illegal aliens – understanding what activities they are involved in…



We are gonna adjourn .. may have another public hearing before vote…



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