Some supporting the bill

Rogers is now bring his folks from INS


They wish to answer questions on Law Enforcement supportment center and determination of citizenship


Robert Barron – Sr Immigration official in Georgia


With regards to who makes determination of citizenship – it is a trained immigration officer on the other end of the SAVE system…


(he exits)


(Ms.Pastor?) Worked 4 years at DFCS on eligibility – Medicaid system terribly abused by those not eligible.  Easier for illegal to abuse the system than a citizen.  As they have no valid SS number…  Citizens are verified and validated.  An illegal applicant – you have to take their word.  Because it is so easy to violate the system – emergency medical assistance case s—85% were illegal…  Same was the case with infants… they automatically have Medicaid for year… 


Very often illegal mother would go to health department (where they verify literally nothing) who takes as long as they want to get application back to DFCS…  


You are on the right track – should verify illegals just as legals

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