A Utah Legislator Blogs

Phil Windley of Utah points to a legislator in his state who blogged his entire day yesterday.

Imagine how government would be if the entire legislative process were so transparent.

Perhaps that will be studied as part of my dissertation.

Oh, that reminds me, SB 425 — sponsored by the Christian Coalition and pushed by a company call Unspam, is law in Utah.  Wonder if Phil has any info on the Utah Experience?

Btw, the Christian Coalition says the bill is voluntary.  Well, if you are a business sending mail to Georgians it is not.  Every month you must pay Unspam to check your list for anyone that may have joined the “Do Not Mail Registry” — otherwise – you could be sued and charged with a felony.  So if voluntary means acquiesence at the point of a gun — then it is voluntary.

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