Bill Moyers – A Righteous Man

I didn’t know Mr. Moyers was a Baptist Minister. I do subscribe to his beliefs as annunciated in an article in Winston Salem:

Like a revival preacher, Moyers called others to join in the “heresy” of confronting those who have managed to “subvert democracy in the name of God and greed.” We must, he said, practice “the religion of Jesus” rather than “religion about Jesus.” We must challenge “the charlatans and demagogues,” to renew the fight for social justice and to exercise the historic Baptist principle of “soul freedom.” That, he said, means not letting “charlatans and demagogues” hijack Christianity and end the promise of democracy.

You need to read the article.  Then, you need to read Kevin Phillip’s new book, American Theocracy, followed by Jimmy Carter’s book Our Endangered Values.  And, if you are still up to it, read The Dark Age Ahead, by Jane Jacobs.

Let me know when you are finished — or will that be necessary?

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