Ignorance is no defense

We have heard the phrase often that “ignorance of the law” is no defense.  But, at what point, ethically, morally and legally, is government obligated to inform you of the law.  How much effort should government expend to insure that you the consumer, parent, business owner, student, etc, understand the implications of new legislation and how your life is governed by statute, rule or regulation?

Here is a list of bills that can affect you positively, or negatively, without any mechanism, resources or funds to explain those affects to you:

  • SB 596 – Umbilical Cord Blood Bank
  • SB 425 – UnSpam Bill
  • SB 594 –
  • SB 534 – Adult Advertising in Emails
  • SB 394
  • SB 535 – Title Pawn


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