It was a dark and dreary nite

As legislators feasted upon dinner catered by Proof of the Pudding, others gathered to devour chicken at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner.  Those of us awaiting action on bills that will die if not acted upon today, Crossover Day, are also waiting on our dinner.

The canteen in the Capitol Basement wants $3.75 for a Chick-Fil-A sandwich bussed in from across town.  Someone mutters that we should get an exec order investigating price gouging on chicken.

There has been drama today (my prose is rhapsodic due to watching 12 hours of drama)…  Two constitutional amendments failed to gain the two-thirds majority required  (HR 1345 – Faith Based Services and HR 1045 Hope Chest Amendment).  These issues will be memorialized on bumper stickers and post cards, as well as neat anjmated web sites in the months to come before the November elections.

Meanwhile, SB 541 was passed in the Senate as they attempt to make the Internet a safer place (never mind that the FCC has ruled Internet communications to be interstate and thuse not subject to state regulation).  SB 596 will create a commission to oversee a cord blood bank for capturing adult stem cells (the bank already exists — needs funding though). 

Well, it is 8:00 pm, 99.99 % of Georgians (that would be all but 843 people) do not know that their legislators are preparing to take up another 50 bills before the mythical bewitching hour, and 90% or some 7.5 million don’t even realize the legislature is meeting.

And, this is the democracy we are promoting around the world?  Hmmm…

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