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Market Failure — Fixing Flats

Friedman rightfully pops a cork over Nardelli’s spin that Detroit is asking for $25 billion to innovate, not as a bailout:

It wasn’t a bailout, he said. It was a way to enable the car companies to retool for innovation. I could not help but shout back at the TV screen: “We have to subsidize Detroit so that it will innovate? What business were you people in other than innovation?” If we give you another $25 billion, will you also do accounting?

The budget of US DOE basic research is $4.7 billion — and that IS for innovation.  Total NSF budget is less than $7 billion.  Total NIH budget is approx. $28 billion.  Who knows how much DOD is spending.  Nonetheless… Why do we need to subsidize the private sector to innovate?

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Public Values – Election Day

The electorate is angry and scared.  Those emotions may not get much press — but I wager the emotions will drive incumbents from office in large numbers today.

To fun stuff:


The Redskins lost — which means the White House incumbent party loses the White House (100% correlation since 1936)

Dixville Notch — Obama – 3-1 (15-5)

Andrew Bergh, a student at university of Franklin Pierce, said today’s election result at Dixville Notch is unexpected because this palace is Republicans’ area. The result may be an indicator for Obama’s victory. China View

Read Nothing into this.  Ben Smith’s Blog

President Bush won the town in 2004.  Jonathan Martin’s Blog

My wife just finished voting (7:33 am) only a one hour wait — Heavily Republican precinct.

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College is not a democracy

The Chronicle has a column by Naomi Schaeffer Riley, a conservative writer whose credits include the WSJ and National Review, advising students that colleges do have rules.  Whether you are from the right or left — your freedoms end where the campus rules begin.   More to the point:

But by now, students, or at least their parents, should know better. Students on the right should realize that politically correct speech has been a campus requirement for a long time, regardless of whether administrations are willing to acknowledge it. And that many secular universities are unwelcoming, if not
downright hostile, toward strongly religious and politically conservative students. Meanwhile, the aspiring student activists on the left might do themselves a favor by finally noticing that universities are corporations
run by grown-ups, who have to think about budgets and alumni giving and public relations.

So students should follow the advice of consumer advocates and relationship counselors when it comes to picking a college. Read about the product before you (or your parents) hand over money for it. And don’t enter a relationship thinking you’re going to change it.

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If you have perused my posts, especially those dealing with policy and/or legislation, you will note that I make judgements on the intent of those promoting their policies.  Many times, I find that my initial judgements were ill informed.  Those times are the result of talking to the initiator, listening, then making an assessment of the policy intent.

I keep telling myself I will learn not to jump to conclusions, or at least, to wait until the advocate of a policy matter either clearly annunicates his or her position or proves to be without credibility.  Discourse is good.  Debate is honorable.  Losing is not bad.  Poor judgement, however, is devastating.

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Dead poets and politicians

Actually, the way society respects each is diametrically opposed.  Dead poets, at least the good ones, rise in respect. Dead politicians (dead in the political realm, not corporeal), well, as a friend once said:

No one wastes goodbyes on  dead politicians


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Intellectual Diversity

A bill has just been introduced in the Georgia House of Representatives that revives discussion from 4 years ago, led by Mr. Horowitz, alleging that Georgia’s public colleges were led by communists and liberals and thus our students were being forced to learn things that they did not agree with.

Oh, Mr. Horowitz also testified to the Georgia Senate in 2003 stating that K12 administrators were even worse — calling them “Stalinists.” I guess he would know, being a Berkley educated communist himself.

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Commandment No. Heh?

Last month, I asked what happened to the promised rate cut for malpractice insurance.  Today, AP asks the same question.  Guess what — in some cases, rates doubled.  The largest insurer, MAG, which promised the cut, froze rates but refuses to talk to the press.  Here is the quote of the day:

"I feel like I've been duped," Thrasher said. "(The debate) pitted doctors against lawyers because I think there's a natural rivalry, but a lot of my colleagues were hoodwinked."

Morally speaking, Political Insider hits the pandering nail on the head when they note a Republican who advocated the Ten Commandments display could not name more than 3.  I guess knowing the commandments is not as important as knowing where to find them, in a pinch.

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