Dark or Light?

Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal opines in today's issue that blogs may so reduce our inhibitions to the point we will live as though we are all residents of South Park.

Mr. Henninger seems to try to stay calm despite his jump to that conclusion.  Nevertheless, his concern is amplified by many, especially those from the fundamentalist religions, who believe the Internet must be regulated or we will all face moral extinction.Because so many fail to see the Internet for what it is, many fail to see the Internet for what it is.  It is and can be the message board on the public square (of course, executions were held for those who dare post treasonous messages, back in the day).  It can be the greatest invention mankind has seen since the wheel.  And, it can be regulated to death by those same people who see Harry Potter as a design to get children into witchcraft instead of the fire lighting their imaginations and creating one of the greatest revivals in reading in recent memory.So, we can choose to take our society into the dark ages, or to go forward into the knowledge ages.  Our choice. 

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