Theocracy — that is her goal

Ms. Sadie Fields is expressing her unrighteous indignation over a Judge's ruling that the amendment to the Georgia Constitution (adopted with more than 76% approval in 2004) was improperly framed.

Two quotes are worth reviewing:

“We're looking to Thurbert Baker to do the right thing and vigorously defend what the legislature has done and the will of the people — 77 percent voting that we want marriage defined as one man, one woman, period,” said Fields. WXIA

"We will be back, and we will ensure that marriage in the state of Georgia is defined biblically as being between a man and a woman." AJC

As to the first quote, I imagine she thinks Al Gore should be president today.  If it weren't for the activist judges on the US Supreme Court, he would be.

And, a majority of Georgians voted for the Constitution which sets the rules for how ballot issues should be managed.  Those in charge failed to follow the will of the people in designing the ballot issue, a strategy which the Judge faulted in her reasoning.  So, who is failing to follow the will of the people – the legislature, sworn to protect the Constitution, or the judge, also sworn to protect and uphold the Constitution?

As to the second, well, that says it all.  Any government using the Bible as its supreme document for governance is a theocracy for all practical purposes — something our founding fathers struggled to avoid.  But, a theocracy is precisely what Ms. Fields wants.

BTW, amendments were offered to fix this problem BEFORE the amendment appeared on the 2004 ballot.  Republicans defeated the amendments as unnecessary.  Now, if this were a business, I'd be severely questioning the decisions of managers that have caused such consternation amongst a majority of the customers.  But, perhaps that was the plan all along….

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