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So, what happened to the ten percent CUT?

Atlanta Business Chronicle reports that the major provider of medical malpractice insurance is bragging about SLOWING the rate of increase for malpractice insurance — and MAG attributes this to the success of tort reform.

The Business Chronicle does not ask the question found in this post's title.  Remember, MAG put a letter on every legislator's desk right before the vote on tort reform in 2003 promising a ten percent cut.  It hasn't happened, has it?

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Did you see the tax cut?

Article in Massachusetts on cutting state gas taxes has a couple of factoids of interest in Georgia:

According to GasBuddy Organization Inc., which tracks retail gasoline prices, the average price in Georgia went from $3.15 a gallon for regular unleaded on Sept. 1, to about $2.56 on Sept. 20.

However, that coincided with a similar drop in neighboring Florida, where over the same time period, the price dropped from $3.01 to $2.68.

It is also important to remember that prior to Katrina, gas in Georgia was normally 10 cents cheaper than Florida, and generally cheaper than any neighboring state.  But, is has not been as cheap since.

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