Reason # 1 for a special session

This morning's editorial in the Macon Telegraph unveils the not-so-secret strategy for this fall:

A similar same-sex amendment in Louisiana, which also has a single-subject requirement, had already been struck down by a state court prior to Georgia's vote. So, why didn't the governor and Legislature fix the amendment? Simple politics.

The effort to ban same-sex marriages, though already illegal in Georgia, was part of a nationwide political strategy to energize the conservative base of the Republican Party. In 2004, 11 states overwhelmingly passed same-sex marriage bans.

Perdue is right in one respect, the people of Georgia did know what they were doing when they voted to ban same-sex marriages. It was their elected officials who knowingly messed up the process and are now going to add insult by needlessly appealing the judge's decision.

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