Section 7

Section 7 (3:50)


Para A


Lines 3-8 – unless otherwise exempted by law (disease, K12) every agency shall verify lawful presence… if you are 18 and older.


Line 11 verification would not be made if not required by federal law…

Verification of lawful presence shall be conducted as follows:


1)      Affidavit by applicant

2)      If lawfully present – verify using VISIT, SAVE, or whatever exists at the time


REAL ID act requires our state participate in SAVE program – I assume we do that… (hmmm.. DMVS?)


State of Virginia is using SAVE to verify for all public benefits


Six features let you access Federal SAVE program


I think Georgia has MOU with SAVE program


SAVE works – another example (PILOT


Mike, did you help VA draft theirs?  Yes


Mike: VA law has been quite successful… developed from similar test placed on their drivers license.  Procedures have been in place a relatively short time now


Rogers: I want to add that SAVE program process takes less than a minute.  We are not burdening anyone.


That brings us to end of bill


Carter: Assume I am in country legally and ask to enroll my 4 year old in lottery funded pre-k – is the child excluded?


Rogers:  Is child excluded? No   Is childed verified? No  — Federal law allows K12 services


Carter :  Applicant is the child?
Rogers: Yes


Mike:: Federal law controls as to eligibility

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