Author’s wrap up

Rogers: I know we will meet again on this bill.  And I look forward to working with those that want to improve the bill.  This bill seeks to recognize federal law, recognize feds have gone out of their way to give tools to enforce federal law and that is what this bill seeks to do.


I will answer and questions as need be.


Butler:  Are there costs with verification – SAVE –


Rogers:  Costs – per charge processing fee – 20 cents…


Steen-Miles: What are the law enforcement issues we are trying to address/correct with this bill


Rogers: I don’t characterize as law enforcement issue but a public safety issue.  I think it is good for every community to have those with deportation orders removed…


Miles: Can you be more specific in terms with issues we are grappling with in Georgia:


Is it trafficking, homicides? What is the problem?


Rogers: if you have persons here illegally and they have felony warrants or deportation orders then removing them is a good thing. 


Miles; Give me some specific law enforcement issues that this bill addresses


Rogers:  I don’t know of any.  I would better phrase this as a public safety issue.  We are giving law enforcement a tool to remove these people.  I don’t understand why any citizen would oppose giving law enforcement this tool


Miles:  Do you have any estimate of costs by illegals


Rogers: No – other organizations do – a billion for education, emergency care – my issue is not the money – the law should be applied equally without regard to costs


We have list of 12,000 severely disable citizens eligible for benefits – if you remove illegals – then you allow one of these eligibles to receive benefits


Miles: I follow your logic – but would like to see numbers


Rogers: I don’t have that information – as cost is not my driving issue…  If you remove one person that is a good thing


(so much for using results based budgeting to determing viability of programs)


Kemp:  I appreciate your work on the bill and testimony.  Now, I want to give Zamarripa an opportunity

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