Now comes those opposed

Tricia Taulin (?) I am a licensed Georgia attorney… 


It is our opinion it is

  • Unconstitutional

            Because Fed Govt is sole entity to regulate immigration…

            I submitted Amicus Brief on section included in this bill in New Hampshire where it was found that using trespass ordinance – using state law to regulate presence was unconstitutional


            We are currently litigating Protect Arizona Now – with similar provisions found in this bill


  • Federal Law states say you can positively legislate – to provide benefits – you cannot negatively legislate because you are forced to create scheme to determine immigration status – you are asking state employees to determine status… you can’t do it under the Constitution – how are you going to create the scheme.
  • You can only verify status through Fed schemes – as they have a comprehensive scheme to classify people regarding immigration.  This is solely a Fed domain
  • No existing system for denial of state benefits – only federal


Other issues:


You don’t know how much this is gonna cost


Budget and Policy Institute – $200-250 million paid in local and state taxes


Bill is unrealistic as bill doesn’t take into account economic contribution of illegals and doesn’t account for drain on resources to enforce.


BPI – Medicaid expending $44 million in funds on illegals.  Compared to $250 million coming in … then illegals don’t take out more than they put in.


It’s inhumane


We are talking about this today because immigration laws are not working.  12 million undocument immigrants and only 10,000 work visas available –


This is not the state’s mandate – but Congress’ to do something about it.  We should urge Congress to solve… these piece meal approaches won’t deter


Notes murders and rape of illegals in Tifton….


Kemp: In respect to other people here – speak to the bill….


Some Senators asked question on jailer provision – we think it is unlawful to have jailer enforce immigration law – this is no different from law enforcement doing such. 

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