Continuing with Section 6

Section 6 – Verifying citizenship of folks arrested


Para 8 – when person is confined in jail – this is more clear than a simple traffic stop – whne that person is taken to jail – authorities shall determine nationality.  If not national, verify lawful admittance.  If not lawfully here – the jail keeper will use law enforcement support center to determine legality – or determine if other warrants are outstanding.


Rogers hands out doc showing that law enforcement support center is free – says this is example of federal govt establishing program to help locals enforce federal immigration law. 


Practical reality of section – if arrested and taken to jail….individual is removed


Kemp:  Are other states doing this now?


Rogers:  I don’t know… law enforcement support center has been successful  cites stats for the center…


Kemp: So, the people responsible for checing the info – is this the department or authority making the original arrest?


Rogers : Verification will be made in jail within 48 hours – procedure takes 20 mins


Butler: If individual from NC has accident and has accident does that qualify them as illegal?


Rogers: Will the NC license be disqualified under this code section?  That will be left up to those responsible for developing guidelines… (as defined in the bill)


Butler: You say persons at jail will take care of this – are all jails equipped to handle this inquiry?  Do they have access to the system?  Are they trained?


Rogers: I would certainly hope so.  This section does not alter the booking process… I would assume that every jail has contemplated idea that every jail has procedures for handling such…


Keller:  What you have got here is adding one other element that is trying to determine person’s nationality when they are booked in… I think every jail does a GCIC or NCIC check on inmates.  So outstanding warrants under normal procedures are check.  This simply adds LSC verification… 


Rogers: End result is you are only removing people you want to remove anyway


Carter: Section 6, Ls 14-17: what you are looking at is the booking officer is asked under this language to determine nationality of this person.  You are not asking that booking officer to do this at the time of confinement… aren’t you .. is the language clear here?


Rogers – we mean those currently processed into the jail


???: Are these people carrying the papers you need on them?  How do we make sure they carry these papers?


Rogers:  LSC knows who has deportation orders.  This section gets at legitimate ID – show a GA drivers license and we know you are here lawfully


Mike (H):  A US citizen with a foreign appearance – appears to me in the language – booker asks if you are a citizen?  Seems to me few would lie here as that is a serious felony (hmm… you are here illegally and suddenly you worry about a felony charge?)


Aliens are required to carry documents on their person at all times – it is a federal misdemeanor not to have these docs on you

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