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Government Technology Magazine has a column on the Real ID act — a sidebar talks about the demise of on line license renewals — boy is that gonna hack everyone off. Perhaps GECA should schedule a talk on this item. I should definitely add it to my list of State Tech Topics to Watch.

Southern Growth Policy Board wants folks to host community meetings on innovation. That could be an interesting project.

While Georgia is buying $5 million in Israeli bonds, California is investing $100 million in Israeli Venture Capital projects. And, we claim to be a technology state.

I am talking about emerging technologies and their impact on life long learning this afternoon at GTC Southeast. Gartner does a good job summarizing the technologies as higher ed admin types see them today:

  • Repositories
  • Content Mgt
  • LMS
  • CRM
  • I2
  • Portfolios
  • PDA’s/PODs
  • IP Video
  • Open Source
  • P2P
  • Wireless
  • Portals

But, these technologies are mildly dispruptive and do not depend upon a change in process of delivering education to succeed. I am concerned about how these technologies support the worker, and business, in competing in the global economy.

So, again referring to Gartner, we look up what they say Business needs in
this century:

•IT professionals must prove they can understand business realities — industry, core processes, customer bases, regulatory environment, culture and constraints. Versatility will be crucial.

    Bottom line: you need to be a ‘versatilist‘ to survive. So, what is a versatilist?

    • A person whose numerous roles, assignments and experiences create synthesized knowledge and context that fuel business value (Gartner, The IT Professional Outlook: Where will we go from here? 14 September 2005)

    Even more direct to the bottom line, Nick Wreden points out a quote from Tom Peters (1997):

    • “We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.?

    So, can you be a versatilist; can Me, Inc. survive; relying upon an education delivery model that takes years to confer a degree? I think the simple answer is no.

    The answer lies in teaching the individual how to learn, how to teach themselves. In order for them to teach themselves, they need access to content, access to peers for mentoring, access to superiors for tutoring, and most importantly, access to information on a timely (read real time) basis received in the context of their need. So, the emerging technologies required to support such a life long learning need are:

    •MMOG/Virtual Gaming

    •P2P Coaching
    •Open Source Learning
    If you are personally taking responsibility for developing your skillset, then you must also recognize the need to create a ‘personal brand‘.

    That’s my story.

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