Delta, pilots come out swinging
AJC | Grantham, Russell | Business:Delta
BellSouth to offer computer servicing
AJC | staff | Business:BellSouth


Cheney says Senate war critics make ‘reprehensible’ charges
NYT |Bumiller, Elizabeth | Congress:Iraq:Cheney
Tide turning in GOP Senators’ war view
Post | Balz, Dan | Congress:Iraq:GOP
Funding for Alaskan bridges eliminated
Post | Murray, Shailagh | Congress:Budget:Pork
Deal set to limit probes by FBI
Boston | AP | Congress:PATRIOT
Testimony by Oil Execs is challenged
NYT | Andrews, Edmund | Congress:Energy:Oil
Senate approves Isakson’s amendment on airline pensions
AccessNorthGa | AP | Congress:Isakson:Pensions


1985 memo by Alito has legal weight, Senators say
Post | Babington, Charles and Becker, Jo | Courts:Alito


US Innovation threatened by red tape, poor schooling
San Jose | staff | Economy:Technology:Innovation
Consumer price growth slows
WSJ ($$$) | Preciphs, Joi | Economy:Inflation
Consumer inflation rate dropped significantly in October
NYT | Bajaj, Vikas | Economy:Inflation
Consumer prices in region jump 1.7%
Seattle | Bolt, Kristen Millares | Economy:Inflation
Now, high tech work is going abroad
NYT | Flanigan, James | Economy:Offshoring
Atlanta looks to sum itself up in six words
NYT | Bosman, Julie | Economy:Tourism:Atlanta
Dhawan: Positive factors will save Georgia from ‘Delta Mini-disaster’
ABC | staff | Economy:Georgia:Delta
Dhawan: Layoffs are cloud on city’s horizon
AJC | staff | Economy:Georgia:Delta
Economy in Athens shows modest gains
Athens | Jones, Walter | Economy:Georgia:Athens
Economy in Augusta still adding jobs
Augusta | Jones, Walter | Economy:Georgia:Augusta
Brunswick economy looks strong
Jacksonville | Jones, Walter | Economy:Georgia:Brunswick
Savannah’s economy continues to top state’s
Savannah | Jones, Walter | Economy:Georgia:Savannah
Sen. Johnson: You help us, we’ll help you
Savannah | Peterson, Larry | Economy:Georgia:Ports


Candidates list for Chancellor narrowed to five
AJC | Simmons, Kelly | Education:Higher Ed:Admin:Chancellor
UGA fall enrollment driven by Gwinnett campus, evacuees
Athens | staff | Education:Higher Ed:UGA:Enrollment
Baptists, Mercer prepare for family split
Macon | O’Donnell, Bernie | Education:Higher Ed:Mercer
Special Education Ruling’s effects unclear
NYT | Gootman, Elissa | Education:K12:IEP:Courts
Romney: Upgrade Education or Become France
USA | AP | Education:Reform
Volunteers will do tech audit of Columbia County Schools
Augusta | Fetter, Donnie | Education:K12:Technology


Woodward could be a boon to Libby
Post | Leonnig, Carol and VandeHei, Jim | Ethics:Libby
Woodward disclosure causes a stir
LATimes | Hamburger, Tom and Schmitt, Ricahrd | Ethics:Libby
Prosecutors seek more of DeLay’s records
NYT | staff | Ethics:DeLay


Macon Medical Center alleges United Health Care ’substantial breach of contract’
Macon | Schanche, Don | Government:DCH:Health:Insurance:UHC
Erosion powers shifting
Augusta | Pavey, Rob | Government:GA:EPD
DOJ criticism of Georgia Voter ID law was over-ruled
Post | Eggen, Dan | Government:GA:Voting:Politics


Looking for new ways to deliver healthcare
Seattle | Virgin, Bill | Healthcare:store clinics
Surveillance system links hospitals
Raleigh | staff | Healthcare:Data


Chinese build high-tech army within army
CSMonitor | Marquand, Robert | Issues:China:Competition:Strategic
Thomas Barnett’s Blue Print for Action
USNews | Barone, Michael | Issues:Books:Strategic


Sex crimes legislation could have unintended results
AccessNorthGa | AP | Legislature:Sex
Spending cap (TABOR), sales tax off House GOP radar
AJC | Badertscher, Nancy | Legislature:TABOR:Education:Taxes
Caution urged on sex crime bill
AJC | Campos, Carlos | Legislature:Sex
Critics paint crackdown on sex offenders as too broad
Gwinnett | Williams, Dave | Legislature:Sex
School start still drawing complaints
Athens | Melancon, Merritt | Legislature:Education:Calendar
Nurse practitioners speak with lawmakers
Gwinnett | Wiggins, Leslie | Legislature:Prescriptions


GOP leaders fear backlash of Roe v. Wade is overturned
Boston | Easton, Nina | Politics:GOP:Abortion
In Michigan, a web of personal politics
Post | Slevin, Peter | Politics:MI


Bellsouth launches fastest web service among phone firms
WSJ ($$$) | Searcy, Dionne | Technology:Access:BellSouth
Consortium demonstrates long-distance Infiniband
Computerworld | staff |Technology:Access
UN chief says digital revolution must benefit the poor too
Yahoo | AFP| Technology:Access:Divide
Yahoo and AOL back anti-spyware initiative
Seattle | Jesdanunin, Anick | Technology:Cybercrime:Spyware
Keyloggers foster new crime wave
Yahoo | NewsFactor | Technology:Cybercrime:Keyloggers
Real story of rogue rootkit (Sony)
Wired | Schneier, Bruce | Technology:Cybercrime:Hack
With Google Base, ubiquotous company extends its reach
Post | Pegoraro, Rob | Technology:Search:Google
Internet Rift lingers despite US claim at Tunis
Seattle | AP | Technology:Internet:Governance
Will the online book publishing flap rewrite copyright law?
Wharton | staff | Technology:Policy:Copyright:Google
Judges reject cell phone tracking
Wired | Singel, Ryan | Technology:Policy:Privacy:Cellphones
Internet still young, faster access to spur growth
Yahoo | Reuters | Technology:Internet:Trends
Forget Nanotech
Always On | Gilder, George | Technology:Trends
A virtual environment for shedding pounds
NYT | Marriott, Michel | Technology:Trends


Pension reform needs fast passage
AJC | Editor | Editorials:Pensions
Duck corporate welfare
AJC | Editor | Editorials:AFLAC:Incentives
Equal Time: Incentives give state competitive edge
AJC | McLagan, Dan | Editorials:AFLAC:Incentives
Keep politicians’ hands off gas prices
AJC | Lastrapes, William D. and Lee, Dwight R. | Editorials:Energy:Gas
Schools sour on ’saviors’ from outside
AJC | King, Mike | Editorials:Education:Admin
Governing made easy
Augusta | Editor | Editorials:Augusta:Government
No way to run a war
Augusta | Editor | Editorials:Iraq
Bill that would do right thing (immigration – SB 170) has uphill fight
Gwinnett | Yarbrough, Dick | Editorials:Immigration
Mercer, Baptists eye end to fruitful tension
Macon | Editor | Editorials:Education:Mercer
Fellow Republicans: Open your doors
NYT | Chavez, Linda | Editorials:Immigration
American Ingenuity, Irish Residence
NYT | Editor | Editorials:Property:Taxes
Failure to communicate
Savannah | Editor | Editorials:Education

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