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News for today

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. No clips til Saturday.


Ford is on track to unveil revamp plan in January
WSJ ($$$) |staff |Business:Auto
Pajamas – Open – Pajamas
Yahoo | AP | Business:Media:Internet
Cable vs. Phone: Giants escalate turf war
WSJ ($$$) | staff | Business:Telecom Continue reading

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News for today

November 22 2005


GM to close factories and cut 30,000 jobs
NYT | Maynard, Micheline | Business:Auto:GM:Doraville
Doraville on GM’s hit list
AJC | Grantham, Russell | Business:Auto:Atlanta
Future cloudy for Ford facility
AJC | staff | Business:Auto:Atlanta
New AT&T could complicate Cingular’s plans
AJC | staff | Business:Communications:Atlanta
No. 2 Vodka maker turns to web ads
Yahoo | Adweek | Media:Ads
Home Depot apoligizes to customer accused of stealing a pencil
AccessNorthGa | AP | Business:Tough Times
Car Rental Customer charged for damage already reported against previous renter
Post | staff | Business:Tough Times


High Court changes ruling on ID theft
Macon | staff | Courts:ID Theft:Cyberlaw
Justices reverse ID fraud decision
AJC | Husted, Bill | Courts:ID Theft:Cyberlaw


Outsourcing to the heartland
Wired | staff | Economy:US:Outsourcing
GM Doraville plant to shutdown in 2008 (-2,900 jobs)
ABC | staff | Economy:Georgia:jobs
Doraville GM plant to close
Gwinnett | staff | Economy:Georgia:Jobs
Atlanta to lose business icon, but not hope
AccessNorthGA | AP | Economy:Georgia:Jobs
Shortage of immigrant workers alarms growers in West
Post | Geis, Sonya | Economy:US:Immigration
Moderate growth in economy expected
Seattle | AP |Economy:US:Indicators
Florida boatmaker will create 425 Baxley jobs
Jacksonville | staff | Economy:Ga:Jobs


Regents name three finalists for Chancellor’s position
AccessNorthGa | AP | Education:Higher Ed:Admin:Chancellor
Chancellor Finalists announced
RedandBlack | Staff | Education:Higher Ed:Admin:Chancellor
Three finalists to University System named
AJC | Simmons, Kelly | Education:Higher Ed:Admin:Chancellor
Regents announce chancellor finalists
Athens | staff |Education:Higher Ed:Admin:Chancellor
GSU professor faces child porn charge
AJC | staff | Education:Higher Ed:Staff


Oil prices up on US snowstorm warnings
San Fran | staff | Energy:Heating


Former aid to DeLay pleads guilty
NYT | Stout, David | Ethics:DeLay:Abramoff:Scanlon


Fulton tax assessors hit with $1.4 million penalty
AJC | staff | Government:Fulton:Taxes:Competence
Ga 316 at I-85 to be rebuilt
AJC | staff | Government:GA:Transportation
Companies elected for road project
Gwinnett | staff | Government:Ga:Transportation


Grady faces $42 million shortfall
AJC | staff | Health:Grady


Is TABOR in Arizona’s future?
Arizona Capital | staff | Issues:TABOR
Georgia needs a taxpayer bill of rights
AJC | Kent, Phil | Issues:TABOR


Poll: Anti-Bush sentiment trickling down
Raleigh | staff | Politics:GOP:Bush
Two ejected from Bush event in Denver file suit
NYT | Johnson, Kirk | Politics:Bush:Speech
Around Town
Marietta | Kinney, Bill | Politics:Georgia


World Digital Library planned
Post | Vise, David | Technology:Books:Access
Google gives $3 million to Digital Library
NYT | staff | Technology:Books:Access
Texas sues Sony under anti-spyware law
USA | staff | Technology:Cybercrime:DRM
Sony BMG sued over CD’s with Anti-piracy software
NYT | Zeller, Tom | Technology:Cybercrime:DRM
Hackers hitting popular apps
Yahoo | Techweb | Technology:Security:Internet
Hackers targeting security programs
Post | Krim, Jonathan | Technology:Security:Internet


Stop going nowhere
AJC | Editor | Editorials:MARTA
Doraville GM loss a lesson for Georgia
AJC | Editor | Editorials:Jobs
RIP, School Revenue and Budget Ideas
AJC | Editor |Editorials:Legislature:TABOR:Education:Sales Tax
Agendas drive leak of memo
AJC | Wooten, Jim | Editorials:Voting:ID:Burmeister
Minor changes to voter id law may be prudent
Athens | Editor | Editorials:Voting:ID
Israel-American chamber could be resource for Georgia
Athens | Jones, Walter | Editorials:Trade:Israel
Unions need to retool
Augusta | Editor | Editorials:Jobs
GOP opposition to Voting Rights Act akin to ‘Southern Strategy’
Macon | Editor | Editorials:Voting:Politics
The ties that bind the Legislature
Macon | Editor | Editorials:Marriage
Taxing and unfriendly church
NYT | Editor | Editorials:Religion:IRS
A blot on the nation
Rome | Editor | Editorials:Homeless
You cannot serve God and Wealth
Waco | Young, Jack | Editorials:Reed:Abramoff

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