News for today

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. No clips til Saturday.


Ford is on track to unveil revamp plan in January
WSJ ($$$) |staff |Business:Auto
Pajamas – Open – Pajamas
Yahoo | AP | Business:Media:Internet
Cable vs. Phone: Giants escalate turf war
WSJ ($$$) | staff | Business:Telecom


The mood in Middle Georgia
CapitolImpact | Campaigns:Ga:Gov:Congress


Congressman Scott seeks hearing on voter ID
AJC | staff | Congress:Voting:ID:Scott


A hint that Fed’s rate increases may end soon
NYT | staff | Economy:Inflation
Georgia lures a contender
ABC | staff | Economy:GA:Jobs (+425)
GM layoffs add to Georgia’s job losses for year
CapitolImpact | Crawford, Tom | Economy:GA:Jobs
State lobbies to keep Ford
AJC | Woods, Walter | Economy:GA:Jobs:Auto
Bacteria firm to grow in Athens
Athens | staff | Economy:Ga:Biotech


Davis has advantage
Insider Advantage ($$$) | Pettys,Dick | Education:Higher Ed:Admin:Chancellor
Davis is Georgia chancellor finalist
Wisconsin | Moe, Doug | Education:Higher Ed:Admin:Chancellor
Texas court rules education funding system unconstitutional
Boston | AP | Education:Higher Ed:Admin:Chancellor
Life’s credentials totally restored
AJC | staff | Education:Higher Ed:Life
Library budget forces shorter hours
Canton | staff | Education:Libraries


Ex-Delay aide Scanlon has ‘had a lot to say’
USNews | staff |Ethics:DeLay:Scanlon:Abramoff:Ney
DeLay seeks quick dismissal of case
Boston | AP | Ethics:DeLay


Bobby Lenihan to retire for Georgia Department of Revenue
ABC | staff | Government:GA:DOR:Retire
State and local officials face looming healthcare tab
WSJ ($$$) | staff | Government:Healthcare:Retirees
Hunger is up across mid-state as federal help declines
Macon | Schanche, Don | Government:US:Welfare


Perdue to visit troops in Middle East
Macon | AP | Governor:Iraq


FEMA keeps hotels on tab
AJC | Schneider, Craig | Katrina:Housing


Library of Congress seeks digital library to build bridges between cultures
Yahoo | AFP | Technology:Access
High Speed may not be enough to topple ADSL
Financial Times | staff | Technology:Access
CBS in talks with Google for video search
Yahoo | Reuters | Technology:Search:Video
Hollywood, BitTorrent reach agreement
Yahoo | AP | Technology:Property:BitTorrent
Newest web sites are hybrids
Seattle | San Fran | Technology:Internet:Web
School radio stations face competition over licenses
NYT | Freedman, Samuel | Technology:Policy:FCC:Spectrum

Six degrees of Jack Abramoff
NYT | Editor | Editorials:Ethics:Abramoff
Unions will survive, but not as they were
AJC | Darnell, Tim | Editorials:Unions:Jobs
Baptists’ freedom to think is at risk
AJC | Powell, William | Editorials:Religion:Education
Ga-Pacific, Koch create win-win deal
AJC | Barr, Bob | Editorials:Mergers
Nothing in Voter ID law will block blacks
AJC | State, Cecil | Editorials:Voting:ID
NAACP, Voters and Bryant – How sad
Americus | Editor | Editorials:Voting:Conspiracy
Class cancellations do reveal some problem at UGA
Athens | staff |Editorials:Education:UGA
A deficit of leadership is damaging public schools in Georgia
Athens | Shipp, Bill | Editorials:Education
Voting rights act served purpose, but now must go
Marietta | Editor | Editorials:Voting

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