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e-Topical Stories

November 21 2005


November 21 2005


GM set to announce restructuring plan
    NYT | Maynard, Micheline | Business:Auto:GM
Cingular products to be sold under AT&T name
    USA | staff |Business:Communications:Cingular
Koch’s buy lets Wichita sparkle
    Wichita Bus Journal | staff | Business:Koch:GaPacific

Woodward?  Google?  A plague a week
    NYT | Carr, David | Business:Media:Newspapers
Use the Internet, don’t fear it, Newspaper editors told
    Yahoo | AFP | Business:Media:Newspapers


Warner surges in to New Hampshire
    Post | Leibovich, Mark | Campaigns:US:2008:Warner


Inheriting a nation: GOP prepares to revoke citizenship birthright
    Monitor | staff | Congress:Immigration:Constitution


Two UGA law professors put on state bar Freedom Commission
    Athens | staff | Education:Higher Ed:UGA
New hospital to reshape Emory
    ABC | staff | Education:Higher Ed:Emory
At Harvard, a man, a plan and a scanner

    NYT | Hafner, Katie | Education:Higher Ed:Books:Google
Advanced math multiplying in middle schools in Maryland
    Post | Vise, Daniel | Education:K12:Math


Metro commutes shorter, congestion no better
    AJC | Hart, Ariel | Government:GA:Transportation

Mayor takes wheels of trolley project
    AJC | staff | Government:GA:Transportation


TABOR’s demise is greatly exaggerated
    Pueblo | staff | Issues:TABOR
After Eminent Domain Victory, disputed project goes nowhere

    NYT | Yardley, William | Issues:Eminent Domain
Why Iraq war support fell so fast
    CSMonitor | staff | Issues:Iraq


Big ticket Katrina costs yet to come
    Boston | Post | Katrina:Budget


Facing off on eminent domain
    Rome | staff | Legislature:Eminent Domain


Kilgore endorsement fals flat in Fairfax chamber
    Post | staff |Politics:GOP:Chamber


AT&T bets on Internet technology
    WSJ ($$$) | staff | Technology:Communications:Internet

Exercising the brain
    MIT | staff | Technology:e-Learning
Search now No. 2 among web tasks
    Yahoo | AP | Technology:Search
Big jump in search engine use
    PEW | staff | Technology:Search


Money at a good time
    ABC | Williams, Dick | Editorials:Politics:Fulton:GOP
No time to cut the cord
    AJC | Editor | Editorials:Katrina
Storm victims will get housing, not heave ho
    AJC | Westmoreland, Lynn | Editorials:Katrina:Housing

White people! Don’t just cast a vote, sell it
    AJC | Bookman, Jay | Editorials:Voting:ID
PATRIOT Filibuster could protect our liberties
    Macon | Editor | Editorials:PATRIOT
Isakson right to back the President
    Marietta | McKee, Dan | Editorials:Isakson:Iraq
RIP well deserved for state school sales tax

    Marietta | Editor |Editorials:Education:Sales Tax
Why the US should look to Japan for better schools
    NYT | Staples, Brent | Editorials:Education:Reform
Keeping the faith: Veterans, Healthcare
    Rome | Editor | Editorials:Healthcare:Veterans
Respecting Marriage
    Savannah | Editor | Editorials:Marriage

Are we losing the global race for talent?
    WSJ ($$$) | Editor | Editorials:Immigration:Competitive

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