The News – In Aggregate Form

November 16 2005


Wall Street fears GM bankruptcy
AJC | AP | Business:Auto:GM
Top websites build up ad backlog, raise rates
WSJ ($$$) | staff | Business:Internet:Ads
Google aims for the classified ad business
NYT | Markoff, John | Business:Internet:Ads
Yahoo to add five Gawker Media Blogs to website
Post | Vise, David | Business:Internet:Blogs
Website to blend journalism with blogs
Yahoo | AP | Business:Internet:Blogs


Ralph Reed lectures on future of politics
The Hurricane | staff | Campaigns:GA:LtGov:Reed


Senate panel will not extend a tax-rate cut
Post | staff | Congress:Taxes
Senate votes to ban torture on terrorism detainees
USA | staff | Congress:Torture:Iraq
Hagel defends criticisms of Iraq effort
Post | Kessler,Glenn | Congress:Iraq
Senate panel approves special tax on oil profits
NYT | Andrews, Edmund | Congress:Energy


AFLAC expands
Columbus | staff | Economy:Ga:Jobs
AFLAC starts major expansion project
ABC | staff | Economy:Ga:Jobs
AFLAC to add 2,000 jobs by 2012
AJC | staff | Economy:GA:Jobs
Worries emerge about future of Georgia-Pacific’s community involvement
AJC | staff | Economy:GA


Gwinnett College to offer 7 degree programs
AJC | Simmons, Kelly | Education:HigherEd:Gwinnett
College to offer plenty of choices
Gwinnett | Williams, Dave | Education:Higher Ed:Gwinnett
Hispanics: Project at UGA a lifeline
AJC | Simmons, Kelly | Education:Higher Ed:Hispanics
Focus shifts to low college graduation rates
Boston | AP | Education:Higher Ed:Accountability:Graduation
Georgia Baptists on Mercer: ‘A growing incompatibility’
Macon | staff | Education:Higher Ed:Mercer
Baptists vote to end Mercer ties
AJC | staff | Education:Higher Ed:Mercer
BellSouth Foundation awards $400,000 to support e-learning initiatives
Techlinks | Release | Education:K12:E-learning
Teacher ousted, backers protest
AJC | staff | Education:K12:Teachers
Schley honored by Perdue, Cox
Americus | staff | Education:K12:SAT
School gets award for SAT success
Augusta | staff | Education:K12:SAT
Area schools pick up state recognition
Gainesville | staff | Education:K12:SAT


Fuel costs factor in more heavily
NYT | staff | Energy:Economy
Perdue announces 15 gas gouging settlements
Macon | AP | Energy:Prices:Gouging
Gouger’s fined (list of others)
Moultrie | staff | Energy:Prices:Gouging
15 cited
AJC | Badertscher, Nancy | Energy:Prices:Gouging
Documents show oil chiefs met with Cheney task force (despite industry denials)
Post | Milbank, Dana and Blum, Justin | Energy:Collusion


Cornyn disputes Reed’s claim on casino work, lobbying
Statesman | staff | Ethics:Abramoff:Reed
Ex-intelligence officials rap Rove
Boston | Knight | Ethics:Rove
Former public broadcasting chair violated ethics
Boston | LATimes | Ethics:Tomlinson


Talks continue on criticized health plan
Macon | AP | Government:GA:Health:Insurance
United Healthcare inks agreement with Sumter Regional
Americus | staff | Government:GA:Health:Insurance
Plan outlines truck lanes
AJC | staff | Government:GA:Transportation
Carol Couch is speaker Thursday
Bainbridge | staff | Government:GA:Water


Graves pleads guilty to DUI
Macon | Thompson, Chuck | Legislature:Graves:DUI
Lawmaker jailed
AJC | Badertscher, Nancy | Legislature:Graves:DUI
Teilhet wants to do away with legislative immunity
Marietta | staff | Legislature:Immunity
Chamber chief talks about state legislation
Rome | staff | Legislature:Business


Evacuees get two weeks to move out
AJC | staff | Katrina:FEMA:Hotels


Web firms take stand against spyware
Post | Krim, Jonathan | Technology:Cybercrime
Negotiators agree on Internet Crime Fighting Forum
Yahoo | Reuters | Technology:Cybercrime
Gates addresses Supercomputer experts
Seattle | Bishop, Todd | Technology:General
Project expands Google’s reach to just about anything
USA | staff | Technology:Search:Google
A compromise of sorts on Internet control
NYT | Shannon, Victoria | Technology:Internet:Governance
Hole found in IPSec
Yahoo | PCWorld | Technology:Security
US wants wiretape ability on US networks expanded
Yahoo | Reuters | Technology:CALEA:VOIP


Keep Grady on mend
AJC | Editor | Editorials:Healthcare:Grady
Georgia moving backwards on public education
Athens | Shipp, Bill | Editorials:Education
Leaders must get it together
Columbus | Editor | Editorials:Local
Medicare drug plan us confusing, costly, inspired by politics
Gainesville | Editor | Editorials:Medicare
The phenomenon
Bainbridge | Editor | Editorials:Bush
Chicken fat power
Rome | Editor | Editorials:Biofuels
Poverty is no excuse
Savannah | editor | editoriaks:education
Tasers a better deterrent than guns
Tifton | Editor | Editorials:Public Safety:Tasers

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