Millions lost for want of asking

Story in AJC tells how Cobb COunty schools will miss out on $250,000 in lower phone costs because an answer from a company bidding on services got "eaten" by the anti-spam software.

The real story here is how government loses money by not doing the right thing.  The procurement people knew the company, expected an answer and instead of calling the company and asking where the answer was — the bureaucrats just declared the company non-responsive.

Millions, and I mean MILLIONS, are lost by government procurement agents every year because they will not take the extra step needed to insure a good response process.

And, while laziness, no incentives to be pro-active and ignorance may contribute to this ineffectiveness in procurement of services and goods — the taxpayer bears most of the burden for this calamity.  Government employees hide behind rules in order to avoid being fodder for an investigative journalist.  Private sector employees have to do something really awful to merit news attention — public sector employees do not.

Oh yeah — the second story is that e-mail is broken.  But,that's another story

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