Pontification and Facts – The News Business cheats us

Lots of opinionating going on about the ruling by Judge Constance Russell on the single-sex marriage amendment.  Only one dared to print what the State Constitution says about amending the Constitution – Mr. McKee of Marietta.

Meanwhile, the Augusta Chronicle thinks it is an outrage that a judge should make us follow our own Constitutional rules for amending the Constitution… Of course, the editors in Augusta want you to think that this "activist" judge made up the reasons for her decision (At least Wooten understands), instead of actually doing the job a judge is supposed to do and applying the Constitution.

At least the Augusta Chronicle's sister publication, Savannah Morning News, (both owned by Morris Communications) gets it right:

Lawmakers should have broken it into two different pieces, which is what a few legislators (including State Rep. Tom Bordeaux, D-Savannah) suggested that year. Then Georgia voters who were split on these two issues would have had a choice. But more importantly, the state wouldn't have wound up on the losing end Tuesday in Fulton County Superior Court Judge Constance Russell's courtroom.

But, don't literally interpret the word activist — Ms. Fields will define it for you.

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