20 nov 2005

November 20 2005


WMAZ Election Survey
WMAZ | staff | Campaigns:Ga:Gov:Survey
Lt. Governor’s race grabs spotlight
AJC | McWhirter, Cameron | Campaigns:GA:LtGov:Reed:Cagle
Congressional Candidate speaks to local Dems
Douglas | staff |Campaigns:Ga:CD01:Nelson


Defeat of budget cuts raises hopes
Boston | Wirzbicki, Alan | Congress:Budget
GOP wrestles against itself and the Democrats
Post | Murray, Shailagh | Congress:Budget
Georgia Republicans challenge Voting Rights Act Renewal
Columbus | AP | Congress:Westmoreland:Voting Rights
Session exposes political risks ahead for GOP
NYT | Hulse, Carl | Congress:GOP:Iraq
Iraq war debate eclipses all other issues
Post | Weisman, Jonathan and Babington, Charles | Congress:Iraq
Bill oks sale of public lands
Raleigh | staff | Congress:Land:Yazoo
Congress reduces its oversight role (takes on 12 hours of Abu Ghraib testimony)
Boston | Milligan, Susan | Congress:Oversight:Exec/Legislature
GOP fears Congress may become a free-for-all
USNews | Brush, Silia | Congress:Politics
A welcome mat for guests?
USNews | staff | Congress:Immigration


The Knowledge Age
Always On | Moe, Michael | Economy:Growth:Education
Our challenge: Find talent to replace software pioneers
San Jose | Mills,Steve | Economy:Growth:Innovation
A whale of an aquarium has Georgia on its mind
Boston | AP | Economy:GA:Tourism
Hartwell in danger of losing downtown identity
Athens | staff |Economy:Ga:Hartwell
Gwinnett in need of Econ Development Department
Gwinnett | staff | Economy:Ga:Development


Chancellor of Texas Tech seeks USG position
Augusta | staff | Education:Higher Ed:Admin:Chancellor
Bio: David Smith, Texas Tech: Candidate for Chancellor
MedHunters.com | staff | Education:Higher Ed:Admin:Chancellor [More from Google]
Baptist, Mercer split widens
Macon | staff | Education:Higher Ed:Mercer:Baptists
Stores, students seek options
Augusta | staff | Education:Higher Ed:Textbooks:Costs
Trying to understand why so many college students fail to graduate
USNews | Kingsbury, Alez | Education:Higher Ed:Retention
Who owns an idea? Scholars take sides
Boston | staff | Education:Higher Ed:Property
Academy of Lithonia perseveres
AJC | staff | Education:K12:Charter
Lassiter student producing film on Cobb Laptop scandal
Marietta | staff | Education:K12:Laptops
State spends millions on tutors
Boston | staff | Education:K12:MA:Tutors
Books for lending, data for taking
NYT | Cowan, Alisa Leigh | Education:Libraries:e-Learning:Privacy
The prodigy puzzle
NYT | Hulbert, Anne | Education:Gifted


Congressmen who took tribal donations pressured Interior
Boston | AP | Ethics:Abramoff:Reed
Witnesses may have pivotal role in probe of corruption
Post | Schmidt, Susan and Grimaldi, James | Ethics:Abramoff:Reed
Corruption inquiry threatens to ensnare lawmakers
NYT | Shenon, Philip | Ethics:Abramoff:Reed


Georgia receives more than $4 million to protect watersheds
US EPA | staff | Government:GA:Environment
Justice Department Rights Division faces upheaval
Boston | Post | Government:US:Justice:Civil Rights
Working out Part D
Marietta | staff | Government:US:Medicare:Drugs
ID law may alter voting as whole
Athens | Shearer,Lee | Government:GA:Voting:ID:Absentee
Local interstates plagued by chronic congestion
Canton | staff | Government:GA:Transportation


Senate wants med data high tech, portable
Yahoo | AP | Health:E-Health


Source that led to Iraq war lied
AJC | LATimes | Issues:Iraq
Trip opens Hancock’s eyes to immigrant situation
Moultrie | staff | Issues:Immigration


It’s time for a nation to return the favor
Times-Picayune | Editor | Katina:Editorials


Burmeister is backed by party after report
Augusta | staff | Legislature:Burmeister:Voting:ID
Illegals on agenda for US, state
Gwinnett | Williams, Dave | Legislature:Immigration


Jewish leader raps religious ‘zealots’
Boston | AP | Politics:Religion
Democrats seek a ‘unified’ message
LATimes | Brownstein, Ronald | Politics:Dems
In the loop: Republicans challenge voting rights act renewal
Athens | Aued, Blake | Politics:Georgia
The Center no longer holds
NYT | staff | Politics:US


How Google tamed ads on the Wild, Wild Web
NYT | Stross, Randall | Technology:Business:Ads:Google
Yahoo seeks to lead movement to ’social media’
San Jose | staff |Technology:Business:Yahoo:Social Networks
The story of search, applause included
NYT | Lowenstein, Roger | Technology:Business:Search:Google
The best cybercrime defense? A good offense
Always On | Churchill Club | Technology:Cybercrime
Microstrategy to provide BI to Terradata University
eBiz | Release | Technology:e-Learning


Medicare suffers a drug overdose
AJC | Editor | Editorials:Medicare
Democrats outshout their voice of reason
AJC | Wooten, Jim | Editorials:Politics
We interrupt this lynching
Augusta | Editor | Editorials:Voting :ID:Race
Area schools show their worth with new state ratings
Gainesville | Editor | Editorials:Education:NCLB
Dems eye Thurmond as LtGov candidate
Gwinnett | Shipp, Bill | Editorials:Politics
Voter Id pot keeps boiling
Macon | Editor | Editorials:Voting
More good product
Macon |Richardson, Charles | Editorials:Media:Newspapers
This can fly
Rome | Editor | Editorials:Education:Workforce

What’s Broke

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