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#truthfail – Climate science’s only customer is [sic] governments

The tweet this am caught my eye:

Dan McLaughlin 

@baseballcrank Dan McLaughlin
Follow the money: “Climate science’s only customer is governments” http://is.gd/kcf78 (@flicka47 via @EdDriscoll) #rsrh
When you follow the link,  the post relies on rhetoric allegedly proving how marxists (and thereby liberals) use science to subvert the public.  No evidence offered to support the headline.
So, if you can find one corporate concern who invests in climate science, the statement fails on its face.  Plainly put, climate science is not global warming.  Using the true meaning of the word — any airline is a customer of climate science.  But, I’ll be sporting — how about corporations that invest in topics of global warming.  Again, you only need one to disprove the argument.  So, try this from NASDAQ (hardly a marxist refuge):
Thus, the statement is disproved.
Unfortunately, radio jocks grab this headline, spew it out on the airwaves, and many more “believers” are reaffirmed in their ignorance.

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