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Dewey – prophesies outcomes of pedagogy

I read his essay found in My Pedagogic Creed.  He notes with great excitement the potential of education upon the society:

I believe that the community’s duty to education is therefore its paramount moral duty By law and punishment by social agitation and discussion society can regulate and form itself in a more or less haphazard and chance way.   But through education society can formulate its own purposes, can organize its own means and resources, and thus shape itself with definiteness and economy in the direction in which it wishes to move.   I believe that when society once recognizes the possibilities in this direction and the obligations which these possibilities impose it is impossible to conceive of the resources of time attention and money which will be put at the disposal of the educator.

I believe it the business of every one interested in education to insist upon the school as the primary and most effective interest of social progress and reform in order that society may be awakened to realize what the school stands for and aroused to the necessity of endowing the educator with sufficient equipment properly to perform his task I believe that education thus conceived marks the most perfect and intimate union of science and art con ceivable in human experience

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